Best TIG Welder for the Money-Top Picks & Reviews 2021

Do you need to weld thin metals in very low amperage settings? If yes, then you need to get your hands on the best tig welder. Tungsten inert gas (TIG) allows for greater operational weld power than any other competitive welding technique, mainly used in bonding aluminum, thin sheet metals, copper, magnesium, and alloys. It needs the use of both hands and one foot to control foot pedal during service, but it’s worth the effort, though, as it results in exceptional welds.

In addition to that, TIG welders can weld more metal types than any other welding process, producing clean welds of high quality, without any spatter or smoke. If you’re uncertain what you need, a TIG machine can cost you a lot. With so many machines available, you may miss out on some of the essential features.

Well, don’t worry, we won’t let you miss them!

We’ve carefully put together a list of the 12 Best TIG Welders, based upon the amazon ratings, user reviews, and overall performance to make purchase decisions easier for you. You can pick your favorite from the following list that meets all your domestic, commercial, and industrial needs.

Our Top Picks


AHP AlphaTIG 200X

best tig welder

  • Foot Pedal
  • HF Start
  • Dual Voltage



Miller Maxstar Electric 150

Best Tig Welder

  • Premium Quality
  • Heavy Duty
  • Portable



Everlast PowerTIG 250EX

Top Rated Tig Welders

  • Dual Voltage
  • Starter Kit
  • Pulse Settings


A Quick Glimpse at Top Performers of 2020

Let’s have a quick glimpse at Best Tig Welders, and below the list is an in-depth review of the individual products.

WeldersPricePower SourceRating
AHP AlphaTIG 200X
best tig welder
Miller Maxstar Electric 150
Best Tig Welder
Everlast PowerTIG 250EX
Top Rated Tig Welders
Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i
Lotos TIG200
AC/DC Square Wave4.80/5
Weldpro Digital TIG200GD
AC/DC Pulse4.70/5
Everlast PowerTIG 185 DV
Yeswelder ARC-165DS
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200
Forney 291 Easy Weld
Eastwood TIG 200
Amico TIG-160DC

Best TIG Welder-Reviews

1: AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG Welder – Best OverallAHP Alpha TIG 200X Welder

Ahp AplhaTIG 200X is at number first on our priority list because of the features it offers at such a justified price. It’s one of the most versatile welders available in the market today.


The 2018 AHP versions have been upgraded with 200 Hz on pulse frequency and AC frequency. Additional AHP offers an enhanced welding torch as well. The welder is capable of welding thinner gauges’ metal and also welds 7018 and 6013 rods, respectively. Inside the AlphaTIG 200X, the inverter technology works with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and IGBT. It has a digital display and comes with a 3-year warranty. This tool also contains a regulator and an electrode clamp.

 Specifications and Usage 

AHP contains standard TIG accessories and a torch control switch, as well as a foot pedal for facilitating the use of the TIG torch. It can withstand strong currents and voltage, which is especially pleasant to work with thin metal gauges. This dual-purpose welder can be used by professionals and newbies as well—moreover, the 2T (two touch) and 4T (four touch) modes allow us to control this welder more remotely.

AlphaTIG provides a strong frequency control range and has a robust pulse speed. This machine is also sufficiently adaptable to quickly switch to fit various tasks. Its flexibility in power gives it good operating capabilities. The AlphaTIG is equipped to work either in single phase 110(150-amp output) or 220 Volt. You can either pick the AC or DC output current, depending on your welding work.

Summarizing up the things makes AlphaTIG one of the best AC/DC TIG welder available in the market, the machine won’t let down your expectations when it comes to welding quality.

  • Easy setup machine
  • 2T/4T mode
  • 200-hertz pulse modulation
  • Foot pedal & finger switch
  • No wire feed
  • The pedal isn’t of high quality


2:Miller Maxstar Electic 150 STL TIG Welder– Premium ChoiceMiller maxstar electric 150 STL

Miller Maxstar Electric 150 STL is a Tig/Stick welder that comes from one of the renowned brands and is second at our list because of its exceptional weld quality, if you are not constraint by budget, it’s of the top of the line welding machine for you.Stick to tig conversion is quite easy, however, this video is going to make an understanding process easier.


This model features a compact and portable generator that helps you to function without feeling cluttered in different areas. The IGBT technology that it offers guarantees that direct current and coated electrodes can be used for it. The latter will range in diameters from 1.6 to 3.6 mm. It also runs on low power, so you don’t have to worry about high electricity bills.

 Specifications and Usage 

The welder works on 115/230VAC input voltage. However, Multi-Voltage Plug allows you to switch between 120 V and 240 V input power quickly. Its welds anything from 0.020″ to 3/16″ just fine, it is a strong welding tool, built to last. As well as being made with strong materials, it comes with features that improve durability. It also comes with Life-Arc technology; this feature operates on both high and low frequencies and will not harm the motor. If you do TIG welding, it will also limit your waiting time.

It also allows you to work faster, due to features like a solenoid. This integrated element pushes through the gas needed for welding and generates a steady stream for continuous welding. An external flame is not required to use the solenoid.


Mostly TIG welding machines are quite heavy. However, this is not the case with this machine as it is less bulky than most of the TIG machines. Hence, it’s easier to move around and lends itself to mobile use. The safety features include a shoulder strap, which wraps comfortably across your upper back. You can easily go without tripping over the machine or cords.

So, if you are looking for tig welder with easier operating controls, this welder got the best value for you.

  • Thermal overload protection indicator
  • ​Supplied accessories
  • Portable & lightweight machine
  • The remote control makes it easy to operate
  • It does not have any foot pedals
  • Expensive


3:Everlast PowerTIG 250EX TIG Welder– Best Value

Everlast PowerTIG 250EX TIG Welder is a new market entrant by Everlast, and one of the best machines when it comes to versatility. It works best for you, whether you are a welding enthuiast or professional. The feature it offers makes it justified for this price bracket.


This TIG/Stick welder capable of AC and DC gives you all types of functionality. This multi-function welder features a low 5 amp start that works in both DC and AC modes for TIG welding. The welder can be used for virtually any thinner gauge metal, including stainless steel, chrome-moly, roll cages, copper, titanium, and steel.

 Specfications and Usage 

This 250EX Welder provides ample power and flexibility to adjust your welding settings. You’ll need a TIG cooler to go along with this welder to take its full advantage. The welder provides a stable and smooth arc, which starts very quickly. The 250EXTIG welder also operates with single as well as three-phase power on 240 volts. Moreover, the unit gives a 60% duty cycle at 250 amp on single phase 240V input.

Other features from the package include a Consumable Starter Kit (Tungsten not included) that provides you with everything you need to weld after setup, 2T/4 T remote, arc force control, spot welding timer, Stick function, and much more. There is also a pre- and post-flow control mechanism that provides optimum protection before and after when welding with shielding air.

It features intuitive controls and benefits from a robust design. The industrial-grade TIG welder is compact and easy to handle and ensures quality welding. You can get perfect welds with excellent pulse function and reduced heat input.

  • Arc force control for stick
  • High and low range pulse settings
  • TIG welding (AC/DC)
  • Stick welding capabilities
  • Great aluminum welds
  • Complicated to use for novice users
  • Torch may get hot sometimes


4:Hobart EZ-TIG 165i TIG Welder-Top  RatedHobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i welder


Hobart’s 500551 EZ-TIG 165i is a professional industrial TIG welding machine that performs TIG AC/DC power welding on thinner materials. This TIG welder is by far the most easier to install and use while offering excellent quality and efficiency at an affordable price. Moreover, medium-size makes it more portable.

 Specfications and Usage 

The invert-based power source does not use too much power and yet provides a more stable welding arc. It weighs just 50 pounds, so it is compact and movable. Its lightweight does not affect its functionality and performance. This machine comes up with the on-demand fan option that allows you to turn on and off the fan to stop anything from getting into the machine.

Its exterior uses real steel, creating a rugged shell around the machine that protects it at work sites. This case has a big handle on the back and a second handle towards the front to allow you to carry it with both hands or just one hand. An infinite amperage control also exists that allows you to change the arc for use in any application.

It is an AC/DC TIG welder with an amp range of 10A to 165A, operating at 230V. This tool has outstanding flexibility in welding various metals like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc. It can also remove contamination of the materials and tungsten. It is achieved through its HF start, which allows a non-contact art to prevent material contamination and tungsten.

  • Unique single-knob control
  • Responsive foot pedal
  • High-frequency non-contact arc starts
  • Its compact size lets you save space
  • Poor customer support


5:Lotos TIG200 TIG WelderLOTOS 200 TIG Welder

Lotos TIG 200 is one of the best tig welder offered by lotos. It works on both AC (Square wave) and DC mode, offers both tig and stick modes.


If you want a cost-effective producer, then the Lotos TIG200ACDC is an excellent choice.  This welding machine is excellent for welding various types of metals. The uniform bead appearance, proper and adequate penetration, and gives impressive welding results.
However the setting up the machine may be difficult for you as the user manual is unclear, but if you have basic knowledge of welding you can set up the welder quite easily.If you still have any confusion about how to set it up you can read about it here or watch this video, before making your purchase decision.

 Specfications and Usage 

The Lotos TIG200’s primary objective is to have dual voltage 110/220volt. The dual-frequency is 50Hz/60Hz, which allows the welder to move directly onto 220v 50/60Hz plus 240v 50/60 Hz voltages. This welder machine detects the voltage required for automatic adjustment. The special adapter plug allows users to switch from 110/220volt. The welding capacity is 3/8 inch(9.5mm) for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The panel of useful settings only requires a small amount of prior experience to use it, but for most forms of TIG welding, there are enough adjustments to set the welder up.

Unlike the lower-priced welders, there is a foot pedal. The pedal isn’t of the best quality, though, and is considered to have accuracy problems and lack of responsiveness. There is also no pulse arc, but you can set an automatic down-slope setting to finish off the weld smoothly.

  • Excellent torch
  • Effective welding heat control
  • High frequency start
  • Down sloping dial
  • No pulse arc
  • Sometimes require internal dust cleanup


6:Weldpro Digital 200GD TIG WelderWELDRO DIGITAL TIG 200 GD

Weldpro Digital 200GD offers much more than welding aluminum and steel only. It’s a digital designed best tig welder equipped with all features. You can only find some high priced machines.


Weldpro offers a reliable and high-performance welding machine that is heavy and durable. It can be used as a stick or a TIG welder, adding to its versatility and efficiency. This model also makes use of inverter technology, making it more efficient than the other welders.

 Specfications and Usage 

The best feature of 200GD is its foot pedal. Although the inclination is decent, the sensitivity is perfect. You can expect precision works to be done amicably with this tool. It is also a powerful welding tool, providing multiple uses for every weld for its many settings. This unit is also capable of offering users with the MMA stick welding feature along with an included stinger, in addition to the rocket-style foot pedal design. It provides a 40% duty cycle at full amps and 60% duty cycle for DC and AC tigs, respectively.

The stock foot pedal is the best, and it has excellent pulse arc modes. It also has a fantastic design with its amp controls already on the machine’s side, providing ease of access, unlike with others where consumers need to do it while still re-adjusting the foot pedal with their feet while also shifting their welding position. Moreover,2T/4T modes make the works easier for the welder.

  • Foot pedal
  • Pulse arc capabilities
  • Energy-efficient
  • AC/DC mode
  • VRD function
  • Difficult settings


7:Everlast PowerTig 185 TIG Welder

Everlast PowerTig 185 is a lightweight ACDC tig and stick welder. The machine offers essential features you may require in your welding operations.


This welding machine has all the specifications in the TIG engine committee needed for a regular AC/DC TIG welder and fits-in correctly. The 5-185 DC/20-185 AC amp range and also the 35 percent duty cycle provides ample power required by an average welder.

 Specfications and Usage 

This welder has 185 Amps of enhanced power output. It is capable of doing both STICK and TIG welding. This welder is relatively small in size and has a lightweight design making it convenient to move around. It comes with a low DC TIG arc. Therefore, you’ll need some time to get used to it. It offers a 35% duty cycle on 185 amp and 35% on 105Amp at 220v and 110v, respectively.

Although this is not a powerful welding tool, the IGBT technology complements the lack of total output. The arc is still stable, thanks to the IGBT inverter, allowing you to go through 5/8 “steel in a single move.

You may make some changes to the control panel as well.  You can set pulse time, switch from output AC to output DC, etc. It’s a lightweight tig welder, but it still comes with a wide range of features and configuration choices that compare with costlier welders.

  • A high degree of customization
  • TIG mode offers HF and life start capability
  • Lightweight
  • No foot pedal



YESWELDER TIG-205DS is a new entrant in the market but seems to capture a large chunk of the market by welding capabilities it offers at such low cost. If you are short on budget but want something that provides a reasonable quality, it’s the best choice for you.


The YESWELDER ARC Welder is a lightweight, durable, multifunctional welding machine that produces high-quality welding. What makes this machine best is its affordable price. This welding tool is ideal for Flux Core and Stick welding. You can also add the optional TIG torch to do the Lift Arc TIG weld.

 Specfications and Usage 

It has IGBT soft switch technology that provides the best Arc stability, and suitable weld for the thin workpiece. The machine performs excellently on cellulose electrode and capable enough to weld ¼ to 5/32-inch steel on 220 and 110 v, respectively. Its lightweight and durability make this a very reliable device for personal and professional use. The settings are truly easy to use. Just input the thickness of the material you are about to weld, and it will automatically set the voltage and amperage. The machine offers a 60% duty cycle at 165 amp.

The features of steeples amperage control, fan dormancy, auto temperature control are also there. It also provides automatic coverage for overload protection, voltage variation, overcurrent protection, and over and under-voltage protection. It is an excellent machine for DIY repairs and simple metal weldings such as welding to trailer frames, car, and motorcycle restoration, making and repairing fences, and so on.

  • IGBT soft switch technology
  • Reliable work tool
  • Great arc stability
  • Overload protection
  • Short cords


9:Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG WelderLincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 is a great USA made tig welder with square wave technology, and widely used for different welding operation in all Europe. But we think it to a bit overpriced as it has fewer options to make it use easier. However, such options don’t affect you if you are an experienced welder.But , if you still want to have it , but having confusions about using it , you can overcome those by reading this article.


Lincoln Square Wave 200 provides plenty of flexibility, with TIG and Stick welding options,which makes it work on a broader range of materials, including aluminum. You can use the TIG option for more accurate and precise welds. If you want to weld thicker materials, then you should opt for Stick welding.

 Specfications and Usage 

It comes with two power cables since it’s a dual-voltage welder: a 120-volt cable and a 230-volt cable. It comes up with a significant foot pedal. This tool also comes with a TIG torch and includes a Harris regulator. While the AC TIG welding feature is suitable for aluminum, bear in mind that the DC TIG welding will also operate on steel and chrome.

Additionally, this welding machine provides effective cleaning action if you frequently work on aged aluminum too. A simple interface for settings, a 40 percent duty cycle, and a dual 120/240 input voltage render it a versatile welding machine that can be used anywhere. It also comes up with a three-year warranty.

High-frequency arc holds the tungsten electrode clean with a no-touch start. It welds from a sheet of 24 gauges to a plate of 3/16 inches. The AC TIG process for aluminum work features pulse width modulation to control the width of the bead. An adjustable AC balance removes oxidation at the surface and prevents impurities out of the weld puddle.

  • It includes a foot controller
  • Regulator equipped
  • Advance welder, with the simple use
  • A good machine for all skill levels
  • Arc can be unpredictably strong


10:Forney 291 Easy Weld 180 ST TIG WelderForney 291 Easy Weld 180 ST

Forney 291 Easy Weld 180 ST is an excellent machine by Forney offering a wide variety of features at a very cheap rate available for sale in the market. The machine gives powerful welds on various materials. This machine runs on the electric power source.


The Forney Easy Weld 180 ST 120V/230V Welder is an efficient welder machine. It’s very lightweight and weighs only fourteen pounds. The most exciting attribute of this welder is that it is generator friendly, making it much easier to weld when you don’t have electricity. It features dual-voltage as well.

 Specfications and Usage 

Forney Easy Weld gives you the option to choose which power plug to use with its dual voltage feature. If you select the 120v plug, you will get between 10 amps and 90 amps of power output. Similarly, you will get between 10 Amps and 180 Amps if you select the 230v plug. This power output is sufficient for welding the mild steel up to half an inch. Additionally, this welder is capable of both TIG and DC stick welding.

It also has the Easy Start technology that allows for a quick and smooth start, and  it also eliminates stuck electrodes. It runs off the dual voltage of 120 and 230, which makes welding effortless.

  • Compatible with both 120v and 230v power plug
  • Lift start tig
  • Generator-friendly welder
  • It supports 8000 watts power
  • It does not come with any rods included
  • The fan system takes quite some time to turn on


11: Eastwood TIG 200 TIG WelderEASTWOOD TIG 200

Eastwood TIG 200 is one of the best you can get your hands onto if you are looking to work on a restoration like bike frames, motorcycles, and car fabrication. The welding capabilities quality and performance it offers; this is the best choice for you if you are an auto restorer.


Eastwood is famous for the use of body and paint tools, metalworking equipment, blasting cabinets, and heavy frame-off restoration tools. The Eastwood TIG 200 welder is heavier-duty than usually seen from a small shop and DIY craftsmanship oriented equipment. Welding ability in AC gives you the ability to weld aluminum.

 Specfications and Usage 

This machine runs both 110V and 220V power. It is built as a reduced and adaptable unit and offers a comprehensive variety of tasks with a basic setup of controls. A richer welding effect is provided by the pre-flow, clearance, and post flow. It offers a 60% duty cycle at 145 amps on 120VAC and 60% at 190 amps on 220VAC. Moreover, the WP-17 torch works with standard cups and collets just fine.

Due to its simple body design, the dial-in options are relatively simpler. This provides cutting-edge technology, which improves the experience of welding. Heat overloading is no longer a problem as this system comes with a built-in thermal overload safety feature.

It’s almost impossible to find a tool like this in this price range. It’s certainly not a professional-grade machine, but it is best for small shops and part-time hobbyists.  The accessories are on the cheap side, but at this price, you can’t expect every item to be of high quality. The machine itself is excellent, though. You can make good welds on materials up to 1/4 inch with this tool.

  • Square wave inverter
  • Precise arc control
  • Easy to use
  • Duty cycle 60 percent at 90 amps
  • The ground lead is very short
  • Low-quality foot pedal


12:Amico TIG-160DC TIG Torch Stick Arc Welder-Best  Small Tig  WelderAMICO TIG-160DC

Amico TIG-160DC is a multifunctional Tig/Stick/Arc function light-duty and budget-friendly Chinese tig welder, most helpful in performing minor welding operations.


The Amico TIG160-DC has a dual input power of 110/230 volts and weighs just 26 pounds. It comes up with the features like life-type arc starting, a duty cycle of 60 percent at 160 amps, and soft arc adjustment.  The 20-amp lower limit is good enough to operate on 24-gauge sheet metal, while 160 amps can burn 3⁄8-inch steel plates.

 Specfications and Usage 

It’s a welder that blends a careful mix of efficiency, strength, price, and ease of use, accommodating new users, and being strong enough for professionals. It gives excellent welds, as it sticks well and comes out with a smooth, strong finish. This TIG welder can weld all-alloy forms, including copper, stainless steel, mid-steel, and more. It cannot, however, weld aluminum, which is a considerable con.

Amico’s 160 powers only via DC. This, however, is not a massive problem as only a few people rely on AC when it comes to welding. Nonetheless, the Amico stick welding machine operates like a monster on DC, and this welding system is faultless if you don’t want to weld in areas where DC is non-existent.

  • Inverter design.
  • 60 percent duty cycle at 160 amps
  • Portable
  • Welds color metals
  • It cannot weld aluminum.



The Primeweld TIG225X 225 TIG/Stick Welder is an excellent machine that provides value to its price without compromising on quality. It offers a modern design that makes it a suitable option for both hobbyists and professionals. You can conveniently use this welder for different types of projects due to its AC/DC capability. It’s also equipped with the latest IGBT technology that not only makes it an efficient machine but also durable as compared to its rivals. It comes with an extended 3 years manufacturer warranty gives you the liberty to use this machine without worrying about your investment.

The usage process of this welder is a bit daunting especially for beginners, however; anyone can master it in a short period of time. It can be used with both 120V and 240V output to tackle the toughest metals without any hassles.

Nowadays, the market is crowded with two types of welding machines, some of them are quite expensive and almost unaffordable for the majority of the professional as they are usually ordered by the heavy industries, the rest of them are too cheap with very few features.

However; in this scenario, if you are looking for a middle category welding machine, then there will be no better choice than Primeweld TIG225X 225A TIG/Stick welder to consider. It’s one of the most reliable Tig welder machines available in a reasonable price tag.

The precise foot pedal option is included in this TIG welder so that you can control the heat during welding according to the job requirements.

This welder works great with aluminum, stainless steel, and other thinner metals without leaving behind any chances of mistake. Due to its versatile specifications, it’s the most compatible option for a wide range of welding applications.

The unique design of this 110/220v TIG Welder has an excellent ventilation system that prevents all types of overheating risks despite using it for multiple welding projects at a time. It’s a highly portable machine that you can easily carry anywhere, thanks to its metal bar handle that makes it convenient for anyone to move it without any hassles.

  • Durable welding machine
  • Capable of welding mild steel up to 3/8″
  • Advanced Inverter Technology
  • HF start hand control torch
  • Heat control system
  • Excellent customer support
  • Difficult to operate

We hope our detailed review of PRIMEWELD 225X 225 TIG Welder has given you a complete understanding of all the specifications of this machine. Remember, it’s a one-time investment; you should carefully look for those particular features first that are your top requirements.

It’s a medium budget welder that you can consider buying for your professional use as it’s suitable for a variety of welding applications. However; if you are still confused while making a decision, then you can also check out some other product reviews of different brands on our website because we have also written an in-depth comparison of popular models.


How to Choose the Best TIG Welders?

TIG welding is a significant upgrade from simple welding capabilities, and TIG machines cost a lot more than other welders, offering exclusive features that are not available on different machines. Before you buy just any machine, you should know about the essential features to look for in that machine.

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional welder, it is essential to buy a machine with specifications and performance that’s tailored to your requirements. You should consider the following factors while shopping for the best TIG Welders:


Smaller TIG welders weigh between 40-50 pounds and can move around fairly quickly. The bigger units, however, weigh 100 pounds and more. The only way those units can be moved around is with a cart. Smaller TIG welders still provide plenty of flexibility and power to complete smaller jobs. Portability is also one of the main considerations that welders need to worry about after considering the power output and the duty cycle.

 Gas Delivery 

TIG welding requires the insertion of gas shielding, so it requires a method of connecting gas and inserting it into the weld. Some machines would have an in-built gas valve that turns on the machine when pressing the torch trigger. Typically, these machines will have integrated post gas and pre-gas features. Some machines do not have a gas valve built-in and will require a torch with a manually operated valve built-in.

If your main objective is TIG welding, then it will require a machine with a gas valve.  If TIG welding is only necessary for infrequent jobs, or a long-welded work, then the manual gas valve may be quite sufficient.

 Input Power 

The input power is defined as the power the machine needs to operate. Before you buy any sort of welder, check its power rating. If the power rating is not stated, you can calculate it by multiplying the maximum current by voltage. You need to look for a welder with a high Input Power for heavy-duty work.

 Arc Quality 

The tig welder with the low price may end up offering lower arc stability. An unstable arc will create problems with the weld’s look, and that is a big problem because most welders use TIG welders when they need to create a high-quality weld that needs to be clean. However preweld cleaning the metal also helps to get great results.

 Pulse Rate 

For pulsed welding, you may want to look at the machine’s pulse rate. Pulsed welding is useful when dealing with thin metal parts which may crack with standard welding. It reduces the heat that hits the metal, so it doesn’t crack. While old systems produce between 4,000 and 4,500 pulses per second, and newer welders can produce up to 5,000 pulses. TIG welders with a higher pulse rating will give you more control and deliver a better weld.

 Heat Control 

Heat control is another significant factor that makes it more practical to work with thinner metals. Furthermore, seek to go for a high duty cycle, which is the capacity of a TIG welder to sustain a specified output in ten minutes.

 Foot Pedal 

For TIG welding, a reliable foot pedal is of crucial importance. Sometimes TIG projects are carried out in uncomfortable positions, and the TIG process itself requires two hands — one for the torch and the other for the filler rod. Pedals allow welders to control the amount of heat to prevent the weld puddle from being too large.

The infographic below going to make the purchase decision more easier for you.

Best tig welder infographic


Some of the most commonly asked questions:

1:What is the Pulse TIG welding mode?
Pulse welder mode is a useful function that can support the operator by pulsing it to lower the overall weld current. When a pulse is finished, there is a period where the base current is introduced, and it is lower than that of the pulse, generally by 30 percent. This pulse base cycle helps the material to melt and solidify and reach a degree of melting that prevents excess or runaway heat, making it an ideal method for thin-walled material.

2: How do I use my TIG welder?
Depending on the amperage, voltage, and type of material, the usage of a TIG welder varies. Some welders can automatically detect and change the voltage phase in use. The amperage is set according to the DC that you want to reach. Also, read the user manual, which explains how to connect and use your machine. You should also consider your level of experience when buying a welder, as some of them can be difficult to use.

3: Is MIG welding better than TIG welding?
For thick sheets of metals, MIG welding is best; it does the job faster than TIG. The MIG parts are quite readily available on the market, and learning about them is also a lot easier. On the other hand, TIG is slower, has a greater curve of learning but produces weld of exceptional quality.

4: What are TIG welder duty cycles?
Answer: The rating given by the manufacturer to a welding machine is a duty cycle so that the operator has a good understanding of how effective the machine is for welding at high amps or extended periods. An inverter welder’s duty cycle is given as a percentage of time in 10 minutes for the system to be able to produce the set current at 40 degrees’ Celsius ambient air temperature.

5:What features to be considered while buying tig welder?
The features depend on your usage, However, some of the features to be considered are :

  1. Foot pedal
  2. Stable arc quality
  3. Display Features
  4. Duty cycle
  5. Portability
  6. Pulse welding mode

6:What are the disadvantages of tig welding?
Tig welding is quite a time-consuming process, and much slower in speed than any other welding process. It might be difficult to tig weld for some amateur as the process requires the use of both your hands and one-foot simultaneously.

7: Why tig welders are expensive?
The tig welder wiring is done entirely using copper wire, copper is a quite expensive metal, as you may understand. Another reason is demand and supply. Read more about it on Quora.


If you are looking to buy a new TIG welder, it is incredibly crucial that your decision to buy is focused on your specific welding needs and budget. If you don’t intend to weld aluminum anytime soon, it doesn’t make any sense to incur the extra costs of purchasing something with an AC power output. Now you know the basics about the TIG Welders, and after reviewing the buying guide and our top 12 best tig welder recommendations, you can opt for the one that suits your needs and requirements.

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