Best Heat Resistant Welding Gloves (2023)

Welding gloves are most important for you if you are doing some task that is related to heat and rays. Your hands are the part of the body that is so close to this heat and harmful rays; you need to protect your hands with welding gloves. Care must be taken if you are doing work that is not safe and welding is one of the tasks that require much care.

Welding gloves are included in the personal equipment of welders; these gloves will protect your hands from heat, shock, and other damages.  Welding gloves are different from other gloves in the material of construction; their construction material is durable with longer life and with a feature of energy dissipation that will protect your hands from excessive heat and very high temperature.

There are several gloves present in the market that claim protection from heat. They can do this to some extent but may fail at some point in giving you protection. We have reviewed the best heat resistant welding gloves and out of all these, we have selected one of the best gloves for you. You can buy Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG with complete surety of quality and protection. This is best in quality and its material of construction is very comfortable overall. 

Best Heat Resistant Welding Gloves 

Before going into each product review, a quick and simple comparison help you to have an idea of what we are going to present to you. You can skip this if you know enough about welding gloves, but if you are a new user and want to buy gloves for your welding work, this comparison will help you a lot.

Let’s move to the comparison of the best heat resistant welding gloves.




Fire resistant

1. RAPICCA leather forge


Heat resistant

2. Lincoln electric additional  MIG


Flexible design

3. KIM YUAN extreme heat


Cotton padding

4. REVCO GM1611


Flame resistant

5. KH641 grey


Moisture absorbing

6. Lincoln electric dynaMIG


Cut protection




8. Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG


1. RAPICCA leather forges 


  • Four-layer protection
  • Long size for more safety
  • Suitable for high and low temperature
  • Easy cleaning


  • Inner lining become loose

Four-layer protection

Rapicca is a famous brand for making good quality gloves that will provide a high level of safety to your hands and arms. RAPICCA leather forge has four layers lining of air-insulated aluminum, cotton, flame retardant, and leather padding that will protect your hand from any damage. 

Long size for more safety 

Normal heat resistant gloves usually cover your fingers and palms, while your forearm is at risk. The rays and flames can fall on any part of an arm, but most likely on the forearm, for this reason, you must have a RAPICCA leather forge. This will also give your forearm a sense of protection because of its large length.

Suitable for high and low temperature 

Your hands may suffer from burning whether hot burning or cold burning, for this you need gloves that will protect your hands from high and low temperatures. RAPICCA leather forge has such construction material that will not only protect you from heat but also cold burning off your fingers.

Inner lining becomes lose 

While buying RAPICCA leather forge one must keep in mind that the inner lining of gloves that gives you cotton and a comfortable feel may become loose with time. You may protect this if you use these gloves for the hands of one person only.

Final verdict:

RAPICCA leather forge is a good product overall, because of its protective four-layer construction and easy maintenance. You can wash these gloves with hot water and hang them in the open air for complete drying.

2. Lincoln electric additional MIG 


  • Heat resistant
  • High comfort level 
  • Reinforced seams
  • Moisture absorber 
  • No tearing 


  • Available in one size 

Heat resistant 

What will be the use of gloves if they are unable to provide you the comfort for which they are designed? Lincoln is a big and well-known brand all over the world that is producing Lincoln electric additional MIG gloves that are the best choice for MIG welders. You can easily wear them with no fear of burning and excessive heat.

High comfort level

Heat-resistant gloves may provide you resistance from heat and flame but they are so hard from the inside and they are not comfortable at all. This is not true with Lincoln electric additional MIG, its inner lining of soft cotton gives you an unbeatable comfort level.

Lincoln electric additional MIG Available in one size

Welders will love to use these special heat resistant gloves, but their users are limited. This high-quality and durable glove is present in only one size, everyone can wear this but fully perfect for those who have a size comparable with gloves.

Final verdict:

Lincoln electric additional MIG is a long-lasting, lightweight, and durable hand glove that will not only protect your hands but its 5inches long strap saves your forearm from splashes of heat and fire burning.

3. KIM YUAN Extreme heat 


  • Flexible design
  • Full leather
  • Fire, heat resistant
  • Oil protection
  • Hook design 


  • Tiny objects may get into it

Flexible design:

One product is designed to accomplish one task only, but this is not making any sense in terms of KIM YUAN’s extreme heat. You can handle multiple tasks with these gloves because of their flexible designs. You can hold objects; weld materials and many more with this product.

Full leather 

Leather tends to protect you from any damage, there is less chance of damage by heat and fire on leather. KIM YUAN Extreme heat is designed with 100% leather material that gives you comfort and quality at the same time.

Oil protection

KIM YUAN Extreme heat has a unique feature of oil protection. When you are doing some heavy-duty work, oils or grease may affect the appearance and quality of the gloves. These gloves have an oil protection feature that will increase the durability of KIM YUAN’s extreme heat.

Tiny objects may get into it

One must do little care while handling little, sharp objects with KIM YUAN’s extreme heat. These gloves are resistant to heat and flame but not from puncturing by tiny needles, this will affect the performance and durability of your gloves.

Final verdict

When you are talking about 100% pure leather in gloves you will have KIM YUAN extreme heat in your mind. Its construction will protect your body parts from fire marks and an easy hanging feature helps in keeping gloves clean.

4. REVCO GM1611 


  • Cotton padding
  • Comfortable design 
  • Rough outside with winged thumb
  • Elastic cuff band


  • Not suitable FIR MIG work

Comfortable design

Varieties of heat resistant gloves are present and they are best for doing their task. But if you are a professional then you cannot any gloves for more comfort, you must have REVCO GM1611 with inside cotton lining that enable you to wear this whole day without any inconvenience.

Rough outside with winged thumb

For heavy-duty work and for welding you have to hold the object with more force, you can do this only if you have a good grip. REVCO GM1611 has an outside rough that prevents your hands from slipping or sliding, and more power to grip is added with the winged thumb.

Elastic cuff bands

REVCO GM1611 has a unique feature of elastic cuff bands; this means you can easily make these gloves fit your hand. Other heat-resistant gloves are fixed sizes wrist, but with this product, you can make it fit depending on your hand thickness.

Not suitable for MIG work

MIG work in the form of arc welding and for this, you need thin pair of gloves, so you can easily do this. REVCO GM1611 has a good design but not for MIG because they are so thick and cause a problem during welding.

Final verdict:

REVCO GM1611 is the best heat resistant welding glove, that will protect your hands, wrists, and forearm from electric shocks and fire burns as much as it is possible for them without tearing and rupturing.

5. KH641 grey


  • Light-weight
  • Flame resistant 
  • Gauntlet gloves
  • Flexible fit


  • Not for grilling 


You can do a task with more perfection if you are comfortable in your surroundings. For welding purposes, your gloves matter a lot, if you are wearing heavy gloves, this may affect your efficiency for a task. KH641 grey is a lightweight glove, with cotton-lined leather for perfect safety.

Flame resistant

Safety of your always comes first, and it became more important when your job is related to fire and electricity. Your life is constantly at a risk, so you have to use gloves that will give you some comfort overall risks. KH641 grey has perfect leather construction that will provide resistance to fire, and flames. 

Flexible fit

Your gloves will lose after a few usages, and they may feel when you are doing some work. KH641 grey has a flexible cuff that will fit completely into your hand, you can do work easily without fear of falling or opening of gloves.

Not for grilling 

During grilling, too much dissipation of heat occurs within 8 to 9 seconds which affects KH641 grey. You can use them for grilling for short tenure but their usage is not safe for long-tenure tasks.

Final verdict

With comfortable design, heat and flame resistant construction make KH641 grey best gloves for welding. These gloves are lightweight so your hands will not feel any kind of burden after wearing them.

6. Lincoln electric dynaMIG 


  • Multiple lining
  • Easy finger grip
  • Moisture absorbing
  • Heat resistant 
  • High comfort level


  • Get hot early 

Multiple lining 

You will be safer from heat and fire if your gloves are with more protective lining and layers. Lincoln electric dynaMIG has a leather palm with a double layer of palm liner that not only keeps you safe from burning but also protects your hands from abrasion and the weight of heavy machines on your palm.

Easy finger grip 

Grip matters a lot during grilling, welding, and other works, if you have a good grip then you can perform your task efficiently. Lincoln electric dynaMIG has a seamless index finger that helps a lot in making the grip smooth and comfortable. With this, you will also be saved from heat and flame damage.

Water absorbing cuff

If you are a welder by profession then you have to do multiple tasks in different conditions. Water may affect your performance of yours or may lead to more chances of shock if you are doing some electrical work. Lincoln electric dynaMIG has a water-absorbing cuff that absorbs all the moisture and keeps your hands dry.

Get hot early 

Lincoln electric dynaMIG are perfect gloves for welding but their construction is not so much thick. You can do welding well but your gloves may get hot very soon. 

Final verdict

Lincoln electric dynaMIG has all features combined including durability, comfort, quality, and long life. The most unique feature is its design which allows you to hold any object and any surface with the same comfort.



  • Flame resistant
  • M-force Defense system
  • High comfort level
  • More durable 


  • Not perfect for summers

M-force defense system 

You are always conscious that whether you have heat resistant gloves or not, you try your best to keep yourself safe. By accident or from little ignorance you may hurt yourself if you have gloves other than MAGID TRX848XL. These gloves will protect your hands even when you are transferring heat from an open flame to some pipe.

High comfort level

Comfort comes when you are wearing the stuff that will give you a feel of safety and less weight at the same time. If your gloves are not comfortable you may lose more time in keeping them right to save yourself. MAGID TRX848XL is very comfortable manufacturing and they are perfect for every hand from slimmer to healthy.

More durability 

Gauntlet cuff is the unique feature of MAGID TRX848XL that will protect you from heat because of its protective feature. If you are looking for a beautiful look of gloves with more comfort and durability you must consider MAGID TRX848XL.

Not good in the summer 

Summer is getting too hot year by year, these gloves will fit perfectly into your hands and leave no space for air entrance. You have to remove the gloves because of excessive sweating, especially in summer. This sweating may affect your grip and this is uncomfortable.

Final verdict:

When you want a product that will protect you not from palm and fingers, but also want safety for all over the hand you should consider MAGID TRX848XL, its design and leather lining will provide you all the features.

8. Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG


  • Multiple layer protection
  • High level of comfort 
  • Excellent durability 
  • High heat resistant


  • Perfect for limited time 

Multiple layer protection 

Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG has three layers of construction that will keep you safe as well as comfortable. The leather outer layer, with flame retardant inner lining and flame-retardant soft cotton these three layers will make these gloves perfect for high-temperature usage.

High heat resistant 

For ordinary purposes, you can make a compromise on some points, but as a professional, you have to be perfect in the selection. Your single carelessness may put your life in danger, Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG has a high resistant feature keeping this safe for use.

Excellent durability 

You cannot afford to buy new gloves pair after a short time; this is also not financially profitable. If you have Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG, its high-quality leather and stitching style make this glove to use for a long time without any tearing and rupturing.

Perfect for limited time

Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG has leather construction and heat resistance, but this is leather and can melt if it is heated for prolonged. You cannot use these gloves if you have to work constantly on high flames.

Final verdict

Lincoln electric heavy-duty MIG is the last product on the list of best heat resistant welding gloves, with all the features that a professional wants in his gloves regarding durability, safety, and comfort level.

How to choose the best welding gloves-buying guide 

Best heat resistant welding gloves
Infographic: Best heat resistant welding gloves

Unlike ordinary gloves, the best heat resistant welding gloves need some care while making any decision. You cannot select a product blindly, but you have to consider several factors while deciding like the purpose of their use, and then the material. Here is buying guide that will help you a lot.

Gloves material 

Gloves construction material matters a lot in doing some special tasks if you want a leather glove with a soft touch and easy movement then you should go with goatskin gloves. If you want gloves that are durable and heat and flame resistant at the same time then you must go with cow skin gloves, for comfort and durability you can select gloves of deerskin as well.

Comfort and usage 

You must select gloves that are comfortable to use for all seasons. Cushions and soft lining can provide you with more comfort but too many cushions inside may lead to restriction in the movement of your fingers. If there is extra lining it may be comfortable in terms of heat resistance but this will lead to excessive sweating in hands that is not good for welding.

Different types of gloves for different types of welding 

There are different types of welding and for these types requirement of heat and in turn, protection is also different. Depending on heat requirement there are three types of welding:

  • For TIG welding you require gloves that are more durable but not so much thick. Average protection is enough because of less usage of energy.
  • For MIG and stick welding you need more protection, and more lining because heat is used and fire burns may occur if proper care is not taken.


What are the best heat resistant welding gloves?

The best MIG welding gloves are Lincoln electric heavy duty MIG  that is intense heat resistant and durable. They can be used for a wide range of temperatures without fear of the melting of leather.

How heat resistant is welding gloves?

There are different welding gloves in which different insulating materials are uses; heat resistance depends on the type of material used. Leather and fiberglass are common materials of high resistance.

Are MIG welding gloves heat resistant?

Yes, MIG welding gloves are considered excellent gloves for welding purposes because they can withstand temperatures over 500-1000°F. It means MIG welding gloves are heat resistant enough.

Do welding gloves protect against heat?

Yes, welding gloves protect against heat and sparks that come out during welding processes. There is a different lining of leather and cotton that will protect from heat and fire burns.

Can you use any leather gloves for welding?

Yes, we can use any leather gloves for welding purposes because leather can resist intense heat. But there is a limitation in their usage, some animals’ skin is more resistant and some are more durable and less resistant.

Final Consideration:

So, it is concluded that you should select that gloves for welding that are affordable, comfortable, and protective. We have reviewed the best Heat resistant welding gloves with different features and specifications. You can select the best product depending on your choice and requirement.

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