Best MIG Welders Under $500 – (2023)

Welders are the most vital for every home and workplace when you are thinking of building anything. Are you also looking for the most reliable yet budget-friendly welder? Don’t you know which brand is leading in the market?

Alright, try MIG Welders- MIG welders are one of the simplest yet familiar welders in the market that are easy to use, maintain, and fix(when needed). 

You can buy an incredible MIG welder with extraordinary features, just for 500 dollars. Of course, 500 is nothing for a welder.

If you are baffling which is the best Mig welder under 500, dig out our article because we have compared the ample MIG welders and filtered the best for you.

Best Mig Welder Under 500

Before dwelling deep into the products, have a quick preview of our comparison table; it will surely make your mind towards the products we are going to present.




Less power consumption

1. Forney Easy Weld 140 MP


Good for everyone



Good for newbie

3. Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder


Safe and easy



Thermal protection

5. VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire


Adjustable speed

6. Goplus MIG 130 Welder


Sturdy Body

7. GSUPER DEAL PRO Commercial


You cannot pick any of the welders; hence, we have made the following list by considering the safety, power cord length, weight, temperature control, and comfort. So, get into our list and pick the most relevant welder that fits your needs.

So, no more waiting; let’s begin!

1. Forney Easy Weld 140 MP


  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Generator Friendly
  • Have eight electrode holder


  • The wire feeder is a bit short.

Welding is a task that can be done at home or at your workplace. Right? We need welders several times a day. To do this task efficiently, you need a good welding machine. 

Key Features:

Now let’s look at the features of the Forney  Easy Weld 140 Mp welding machine. The Forney welding machine is one of the best and cheapest machines that are easy to set up and easy to use. Every strike becomes easy with easy installation. The three-position switches of this machine allow you to change the process as you want.

Considering your budget under 500$, Forney Easy Weld 140 Mp would be the best choice. This welding machine is one of the best of all available options.

This machine comes with an “All Metal Case” and is built with rigid construction, which keeps it safe from all types of damage or accidents. The welder can take the machine from one place to another because this is very lightweight. Don’t consider that lightweight cant handle more weight; this machine easily carries 2 and 10 pounds of wire rolls.

If you want to get the perfect weld, this Forney welding machine has infinite voltage and wire feed speed control. You can use this welder with gas or gasless wire up to 0.35 and with ⅛ stick electrodes.

This machine can do a number of welding tasks because it can weld mild steel sheets having a thickness of ¼. Set up this machine to do flux-core welding, but you can also switch it to the beginner’s straightforward steel welding with gas setup. 

Don’t you think that these features will make it an excellent welding machine? The answer is definitely yes!

Our Verdict:

If you want a high-value welder to use anywhere you want, grab this Best Mig Welder Under 500 to make your every work done quickly and efficiently. The most recommended welder!



  • Dual voltage
  • Heat-resistant
  • Gas and Gasless both
  • Best for beginners


  • Relatively heavy

Only a welder knows how much smoothness and perseverance a single joint needs; that is why it is the need of the hour to have the best welding machine in hand. This is a one-time buying item, so you need to keep in mind the budget. The SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp will give you both, robust joints and you just need to spend 500$.

Key Features:

The SUNGOLDPOWER 200 Amp has a handle on the top to quickly move it from place to place. This welding machine weighs only 42 lbs, so dragging it is not a big deal.

Its dual power machine works well with 110V and 220V equally making it compatible with all power outlets. This machine can do welding of almost all metals, for example, stainless steel, aluminum, and others. Now you can get a clear idea of the versatility of SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp. You can also have a look at 220v MIG welders.

The aluminum welding is made easy with the spool gun that keeps it away from jamming. Due to its durability and effectiveness, it is easy to use for outdoor works like rusty metal and road equipment and other maintenance work. Read the detailed info about how you can weld aluminum with a MIG welder.


This good quality machine is available at an affordable price range with stable ARC and is very simple to operate. This excellent machine comes with a 118 MIG torch to make your welding easy even at darker places; 47 cables with earth clamp, Gas-less, and gas nozzles are both included in the package. 

A feature of this Welding machine that stands it differently is that you can use it for different kinds of welding. You can use it with gas or without gas and even use it for ARC welding. The SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp also has a brush so you can keep it clean when welding particles gather on its surface during your work.

Our Verdict:

Now no more worries about a reliable welder because SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp. It has beaten all the records of heavy-duty and sturdiness. You can pick this welder with all fun and relaxation; it won’t disappoint you.

3. Fornet Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder


  • Portable
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Use it anywhere


  • Only 140 Output
  • No foot pedal operation

The Forney Easy weld 298 Arc Welder is a machine costing less than 500$, which will keep your budget in control. This machine is so powerful to handle your welding tasks quite easily.

Key Features:

When a welder wants to get the best MIG welding machines under 500$, then Forney Easy Weld is undoubtedly the best option for beginners and even pro welders. This excellent machine works at a good voltage of 120V which means you can use this machine in your home garage or at your workplace for professional projects.

The inverter power system of these machines makes it more effective and gives you the best welding outcome.

It has a long wire and an easy setup that allows you to take it anywhere; beginners will love it as it is very easy to set up.

It is made up of metal and is easy to use. The item weight (37.74 pounds) is also light yet reliable and sturdy. So you can carry it from one place to another easily.

Its cord length is 6 feet, making it more attractive, and anyone will want to buy it. It’s convenient for beginners to handle it more comfortably.

The most remarkable feature is that it does not have a battery. So no need to charge the battery repeatedly and users can use it easily without any interruption. 

No foot pedal operation on this machine, so no more effort is needed to operate the machine. It will never disappoint you in any way.

Our Verdict:

Forney Easy weld 298 Arc Welder is a fantastic welder that was awesome in all regards as it is a perfect combination of style, lightweight, and a long cord. Amazingly, a beginner can also use it confidently. Just hit it!



  • Within budget
  • Safe to use
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Having a mask while welding


  • May can cause more noise

SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 150 A welder will be the best available option in all welding machines. If you do not have a much higher budget but want a reliable welder machine, you can go for this machine for sure. Here are some incredible features:

Key Features:

The best and most wanted thing or feature anyone needs in a machine is its voltage. The voltage (110v/60HZ) of this machine is a good fit for home use and is also preferable for beginners who cannot handle the heavy voltage.

The welding current of Sungoldpower is 80-150MP that makes this welding machine more efficient, reliable, and heavy-duty in all ways.

Various other efficient features come with this economical welder: its small size, easy installment, and prompt use.

This is an ideal machine for mild welding steel: iron and other metals. Gasless welding machines are incredible for welding metals. 

Adjustable heating technology with torch full on and off and safety control is the most desirable feature of the welder. This high-end welder owns numerous protection features to make it safe and secure from any disaster.

Its body is made of stainless steel, which is perfect for the welding of steel, glass operations, and other metals. It comes with a welding mask which is also a protection for the user. 

So if you are searching for the best welding machine and do not have much budget, don’t worry; you can fulfill your desire by buying this product. It will surely not disappoint you. 

No battery is installed; that’s why there is no need to charge the machine repeatedly. Long wire also makes it more comfortable and convenient to use.


SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 150 A welder is the latest and most economical option for beginners. The much consumption of electricity and the safest features while using make it more attractive. So don’t wait and just grab it to do your best work. 

5. VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire


  • Have handle
  • Storage Space
  • Adjustable welding Speed
  • Oxidation Resistance


  • Wire feed is an issue

If you have a non-flexible budget and still want the best welding machine, then go for the VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire machine. You just need to spend $500 to get excellent work either as a first-time user or a professional.

Key Features:

VIVOHOME Flux Core Wire is a prestigious item of a unique brand that tries to add every possible feature of the MIG welder necessary for welding. Its unique design will meet all your home needs, and repair home items like metal windows, grills, doors, etc. 

The best thing about this VIVOHOME welding machine is its sturdy exterior, and its both its handle and body are heat resistant so keeps you secure from wrapping or melting while welding. 

Being affordable and easy to use, this Vivohome MIG 130 Welder is the best option for those who need this for working on home repairs and part-time projects. But don’t think of it as light material; this MIG welder can also work with aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. It works well with metal sheets having a thickness of ½ inches.

You will not feel the heat with its overheating protection because it is equipped with two air vents that reduce temperature and help heat excretion. You will love this machine because it is an easy-to-digest control panel working well with thicker steel. After all, this is solely a Flux Core wire welder. 

Our Verdict:

VIVOHOME Flux Core Wire is a sturdy and dependable MIG welder that can handle all your heavy work with great precision and accuracy. You can confidently invest in it!

6. Goplus MIG 130 Welder


  • Two-Air Vent
  • Heavy-duty body
  • Thermal safety protection


  • Wire gets hot

For those who want a reliable and sturdy MIG welding machine to do their welding task efficiently, GOPLUS MIG 130 Welder machine is specially made for them. It is easily affordable for under 500$ so, stop searching for others and buy this GOPLUS welding machine.

Key Features:

Every professional welder wants to get a welding machine that is strong enough to do all types of welding tasks. This machine can do any kind of task at home and even in the workshop.

This easy-to-use welder contains flux-cored wire which is very convenient to use during welding. You can use it anywhere you want because it has a very durable carrying handle.

The adjustable features of GOPLUS MIG 130 welder machines make them effective and flexible. The extra storage space is beneficial to keep all necessary items and leaving the fear of losing your welding parts.

The current flow setting of this machine has four levels. Then ten levels of feeding speed of its flux core wire make it able to change the speed according to your desire. These settings need to be changed on what type of metal you are welding. Automatically, ticker metals need to be welded at a higher speed.

This welding machine gives very smooth work and runs at a voltage of 110V makes it easy for you to use it anywhere.

Goplus MIG 130 Welder

Our Verdict:

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 allows you to Pursue all kinds of robust welding even with limited experience; moreover, you can take this versatile welder along with you, especially when you have to do repositioning. A big bang!

7. SUPER DEAL PRO Commercial


  • Trouble-free set up
  • Safe and secure
  • Can handle hard tasks
  • Four current adjusting levels 


  • Quality is not up to the mark
  •  The machine gets heat up quickly

This top-rated welding machine is available at a price range of $500. The SUPER DEAL Pro commercial welding machines are handy, portable, and compact, making it easy to use them anywhere you want. 

Key Features:

SUPER DEAL is a high-grade welder which is made up of sturdy material by keeping their customers’ needs in mind. This welding machine is so compatible that it has enough storage space to keep all the necessary detachable parts like nails, screws, and widgets. 

Moreover, it’s also very portable, also has a carrying handle that is also detachable to make it easy for the welder to take it from one place to another. 

This welder machine is more comfortable, with an easy grip and easy operation, and high precision. It is a household welder that is powerful, intuitive, and light. 

The machine is made of high-class PVC material as well as delicate treatment. This feature prevents the oxidation of the welder part and makes it secure and safe from any kind of disaster.

SUPER DEAL mig130 is easy to use and user-friendly; it is set up with easy-to-access advanced options. It gives you the power to tackle giant jobs with ease and confidence. 

There are four buttons for adjusting the minimum and maximum speed. The current flow is also adjustable with the given buttons. A torch system is also available for on and off-safety control.

The most popular feature is its weight of 38 Lbs. So it can be dealt with in homes, shops and any field. It’s perfect for welding steel and other metals, including glasses as well. 

It comes with a reel of 0.9mm welding wire that is efficient enough to work with a protection mask and a brush or chipping hammer. 

So these are the most incredible features that everyone looks for. It will surely give you the desired results while using it.

 Our Verdict:

The super deal pro commercial is the most easy-to-use machine. You can use it in any field either in homes or in the workplace. It uses PVC cloth to protect it and a safety mask as well. These are the features you would look for sure. So don’t wait and just do your best.

Best MIG Welder Under 500 – Buying Guide

Best Mig Welder Under 500
Infographic: Best Mig Welder Under 500

There are a lot of models of MIG Welder Under 500, but which one should you buy? This is the most thoughtful question. We are here with awesome MIG Welder Under 500 options, so you can easily choose which one is suitable for you. The features like low electricity consumption, a long wire, the low weight of the machine, and safety from any disaster are the most desirable. 


Welders come with different voltages while picking a welder; you can keep the factor in mind to make your investment right and according to your need.


You can pick the length of the cord (short or long) according to your use; either you want to reposition your welder, or it will remain fixed in one place. Hence this minimal factor is also considerable.


If you want to use your welder for different places, go with a portable MIG welder. A lightweight welder will give you a lot of peace.


A factor that you can not put at the back; for safety, find the temperature control option, on/off switch, and other protection-oriented features of the welder.

So when you are going to buy the machine, then keep in mind the list of characteristics. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best MIG welder for the money?

Hobart Handler 210 MIG Welder is the best MIG welder for the money, and it comes with Dual 120v/230v input power.

What is the best MIG welder for home use?

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is the best MIG welder for home use as it includes overload protection features and valuable accessories.

What is the best 110v MIG welder?

Eastwood MIG 180 is the best 110V MIG welder because it comes with 110 voltage which is an excellent option for basic wedding projects.

What is the best MIG welder for car bodywork?

SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder is a high-value graphic card for car bodywork. This heavy-duty graphic card can perform all the works regarding automobiles.

Our Takeaway

We use welders for every little work because we frequently need to link the metals at our home, workplace, automobiles, etc. Indeed, MIG welders are indispensable for every home. That is why, in this article, we have enlisted the high-grade welders of a top-notch brand, MIG, which is a good fit for everyone.

You can also buy the best MIG welder under 500 from our given list and make your daily work more accessible, efficient, and high-ended. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead; these welders won’t let you go wrong!

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