9 Best Aluminum TIG Welder For The Money 2022

As a welder, you may well know how tiring & complicated TIG welding on thin aluminum is. The struggle even increases when you aren’t doing it with the right machine.No matter if you are a “self-to-do” type of person who likes to fix his home appliances or a professional who does long hours of work, you need something convenient, affordable, easy use to use and durable enough to pay off for the money.


Guess what? We won’t let you choose the wrong one!

Keeping everything into account, we have tested tig
machines available in the market right now. Our experts waded through different welders based on features, price, and quality, we compiled a list of possibly the 9 Good TIG welders for aluminum and steel for the money right now.

So let’s have a look at them:

Our Top Picks


AHP AlphaTIG 200X

Best Value

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i

A Quick Glimpse at Top Performers 

Let’s have a quick glimpse at Best Tig Welders for aluminum, and below the list is an in-depth review of the individual products.




Affordable price

1. AHP AlphaTIG 200X -All Rounder


Neat welds

2. Hobart EZ-TIG 165i -Best for Stainless Steel



3. Lotos TIG200 -Best Value


Easy to operate

4. Everlast PowerTIG 250EX


Pulse arc ability

5. Weldpro 200 GD


Balanced design

6. Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200


90% efficiency

7. MTS-205 205 Amp-Inexpensive


Compact and portable

8. Miller Maxstar 150 STH


Easy UI

9. Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT


Which Welder Is Best for TIG Welding Aluminum?

1. AHP AlphaTIG 200X -All  Rounder


  • Precise and smooth
  • Equally good for newbies and experienced welders
  • There’s an option for digital display
  • Affordable price
  • Pulse arc capabilities
  • AC/DC modes for TIG welding
  • Bunch of different settings
  • Digital display


  • Paddle and earth clamp needs improvement

New and Improvised AlphaTIG 203XI features Fully control LCD screen. As a matter of the fact that this welder is not only versatile but also provides the best value for the money, depriving it of the top position would be completely unfair. 

An excellent all-rounder capable of fusing almost anything; its use is not just limited to aluminum fabrication. However, as aluminum welding is something it does the best, therefore it’s the only specialty our basement is judged on. The other things are just extra embellishments you get with the machine.

Though the welder falls in the budget category, it still has enough potential to compete with some high-tier welders, including the likes of Lincoln or Miller, that are considered the industry’s giants.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X

To talk about the precision, the torch included is high frequency and non-touch type that will make the arc stable without any mess every time you turn it on. Another plus is that the torch head is flexible, so you can twist and turn it just in case you want to make some position adjustments. 


As all the reviews given are unbiased, we can’t be just discussing the bells and whistles you get with it. Of course, there are going to be drawbacks. On the one hand, where it performs astonishingly good TIG welding, comfort can be a problem on the other.

To be more specific, the earth clamp
could have been made better, so does the pedal. But guess what, the price and features easily undermine these things.


Just in case you aren’t comfortable with the foot paddle stuff, which is pretty apparent in many cases, it comes with a handy finger switch for more convenience. Besides, there are plenty of accessories to change the voltage, torch cup, tip size, etc. There are also options for amperage adjustments, and pulse arc settings for the sake of convenience. 


All in all, something you’d love to own for household and professional work at the same time. The price and feature it offers undoubtedly makes it one of the best tig welder for aluminum.


  • 200 hz on pulse freq and ac freq
  • Capable of doing 1/4-inch aluminum and 3/4-inch mild steel
  • 110/220 volts
  • Can weld 7018 and 6013 steel rods
  • Advanced inverter technology with pulse wudth modulation
  • Igbt technology
  • Performs high quality aluminum and steel welding
  • Extremely precise welding of thin guage materials
  • Includes a pedal for control
 Final Verdict 

With a lot of positive reviews with 5 star ratings on amazon, there’s nothing much to say. AHP has done a great job with AlphaTig 200X to ensure that any welder, no matter professional or casual, has the best experience while using it. Keeping in the account that the article is specifically dedicated to the best tig welder for aluminum, this is something you could dream of. Low price and awesome features, it’s an easy gamble to make for the money. Even more, when you know, it offers 3 years warranty.

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2. Hobart EZ-TIG 165i -Best for Stainless Steel


  • A-Pro TIG welder
  • Very easy user interface
  • Simple settings, just select metal and thickness
  • Infinite AC/DC amperage control
  • High frequency arcs start with zero contact
  • Neat welds
  • Reasonable price
  • 5 years warranty


  • Only TIG, no stick

Unlike the AHP AlphaTIG welder, this one isn’t versatile. However, since the list is compiled explicitly for high-quality TIG welders for aluminum, Hobart EZ-TIG 165i does it like no other. Specially designed for TIG welding, this model is just what you need for those heavy-duty tasks a professional performs. However, it’s good enough if you perform tig welding on aluminum as a hobby.


The machine can weld on both AC and DC power sources on materials like a 22-gauge sheet up to 3/16″ metal plate. To tell you further, it fuses almost every metal, including aluminum, titanium, copper, thin stainless steel, etc. 


Well, in terms of the user interface, you’ll find this device extremely easy to use. All you need to do is just to select the metal to be welded along with its thickness, and then see the magic. The machine will make sure the correct settings are applied for a convenient welding experience


To say more, the welder features a high-frequency arc start paired with HF start technology for a powerful strike once you press the pedal without any contamination of the tungsten electrode. A reliable TIG welder every professional need to try once. 


Cutting things short, you can expect a 40% duty cycle from EZ-TIG 165i, a significant and only drawback of this machine. But knowing that you get features like fan-on-demand to cool it down when needed, accompanied by 210/220/230 voltage input power for heavy-duty works, the duty cycle problem can be justified. I mean, you aren’t holding some weak chap in your hand. Of course, it will require some rest. 


Backed up by Hobart 5-year warranty, there’s no way to question the durability. Besides, it’s considerably lightweight and portable. A dream TIG buddy for aluminum welders. That’s the shortest way I could explain it. 


  • Easy user interface
  • Fan on demand fetaure
  • 22 gague sheet up to 3/16 inch metal in both ac and dc
  • Infinity voltage control
  • Torch and regulator included
  • HF start to allow for a non contact arc start to eliminate tungsten and metrial cotamination
  • Infinite amperage cotrol provides broader opreating range with finer cotrol high frequency starts
 Final Verdict 

A true TIG Welder that pushes TIG welding to perfection, any professional, would love to own this one. With tons of super useful features at a reasonable price, this one has nothing left to be questioned. And if that’s not enough, it’s backed up by a whopping 5-years Hobart warranty that proves to be a stamp of quality, burying the questions related to durability already. 


Moreover, the UI is extremely easy that will save the extra time you waste in selecting appropriate settings. All you need to do is just to select two things and watch the magic. All in all, there’s nothing that makes it stay back from being one of the best TIG welders for aluminum as well as any other metal.

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3. Lotos TIG200 -Best Value


  • Good duty cycle
  • Versatile
  • Automated voltage selection
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Foot paddle could have been better
  • Don’t have a pulse feature
  • Replacement parts are difficult to find

While talking about the best it]n the market, Lotos Technology TIG200 couldn’t go unnoticed. Being extremely qualified for aluminum TIG welding, you can also use it for multiple purposes alongside. Just like the previously AHP model, this one also offers dual voltage features to be used in certain conditions. In addition, with a wide variety of controls, you’ll love it for its versatility. 

 Suitable for home or commercial use, you can easily rely on this model, given that it comes as a complete package to be put to work straight out of the box. The efficiency noted after giving a thorough check to the working capacity is 80%. You can use it for more metals apart from aluminum like mild steel, stainless steel, etc. 


Just in case you intend to do heavy duty work with the machine, 220 Volts input is preferred. However, mild works would usually get easily done with 110V. Capable of working on both AC and DC, you can use it on both. However, it depends on the nature of the tasks you intend to perform. Usually, AC is preferred for mild works while DC for heavy ones. The voltage shift is automatic, which is another advantage.


The duty cycle is comparatively good. Requiring 2 minutes rest for every 10 minutes you use, the duty cycle stands at 60% though it may not be impressive for most, ideal for many—especially those using it for mild duties. 


If you like portable welders, this one might be something of your interest. With 58 pounds of weight and a friendly and durable handle, it is very easy to carry. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort. To talk about the size, the dimensions of Lotos Technology TIG200 are 28 by 13 by 17 inches, which is quite reasonable when we look into its features.


All in all, a versatile welding machine that justifies its price. One of the most worthy devices to be placed in the Best TIG Welders for the aluminum category.


  • 200 a ac/dc square wave inverter tig/stick welder
  • Automatic dual voltage (110/220v) dual frequency (50/60hz)
  • Priecies foot pedal
  • HF start troch control
  • Best suited for aluminum and steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Welding capacity is3/8 inch mild steel,stainless steel, and aluminum
 Final Verdict 

Throwing every card on the table, TIG200 is something that anyone would like to own. Not only is it a portable but extremely versatile machine capable of performing almost any sort of task. From welding quarter inch aluminum to steel, expect it to fabricate everything like a pro. Just what you look for in a modern-day welder.

To say more, I’d recommend it highly to anyone looking for a high-quality welding buddy for home and commercial use. Though the paddle thing may be annoying for some, it isn’t something that can refrain you spending your money on this one. That too, when it has so much to offer.

4. Everlast PowerTIG 250EX-Best  for Thin  Aluminum


  • Works great with aluminum
  • Creates a smooth arc that is well-stable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to operate


  • No foot pedal; only finger switch to rely on
  • Poor customer service

Everlast PowerTIG 250EX another great TIG welder that offers remarkable performances and is easy on the wallet. The price range is very close to the first machine we saw on the list, the AHP Alpha 200X. Though the price tag, as well as the features, are similar in other products, the Everlast PowerTIG runs a lower amperage and is less user-friendly.

Still, the welding machine very popular among the professionals and some may even rank it at the top when listing the most affordable TIG welders. The welding comes out smoothly; you can see the stable arc when working with metals. If you work with aluminum quite often, there shouldn’t be any issues with its performance.

The welder itself is found to be lightweight, as opposed to others in the same category. However, it lacks a foot pedal, which some may find disappointing, though you can buy it separately and attach it. The PowerTIG only comes with a finger switch, which may not be as effective or comfortable to use.


  • 5 amp tig start forac/dc modes
  • Pre & post flow for shielding gas protection
  • Arc force control for stick reduces spatter and helps improve arc performance in short arc conditions
  • Tarter kit (Tungsten not included)
  • HF circuit start which reduces maintenance
 Final Verdict 

In contrast to all the good things the machine has to offer, the customer service from the company was a disappointment. Though it isn’t something that won’t help you, their response and treatment of customers are rather cold and dry. Ignoring customer service, this TIG welding machine is going to give you a great time, whether used as a hobbyist or in the workshop.

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5. Weldpro 200 GD


  • Reasonable and affordable price
  • A nice all-rounder
  • Pulse arc ability
  • High-frequency and non-touch start
  • Foot pedal is exceptionally good
  • Sloping functions
  • Adjustable settings


  • Torch disappoints a bit
  • Finger switch absent
  • Complicated UI

Keeping in account what it features, I’d call it an extremely cheap TIG welder for aluminum. Providing features as good as any expensive machine available in the market won’t be exaggerating if I call it one of its kind in an affordable price range. 


However, there is always a dull side to a bright picture, the same is the case. Despite the fact that it is efficient in some areas, certain factors lag behind any of the welders mentioned above, earning it 5th place on the list. 


If you are a pro TIG welder who’s used to weird stuff, the torch that comes with Weldpro AC DC Stick/TIG Welder can be your area of interest. Since it’s not too easy to get used to, you’ll find it interesting as well as awkward. Although if your hands are smooth, you won’t struggle a lot with it. If you’re willing to spend some extra money, you can get a more convenient super flex torch for a hassle-free experience. 


Since the welder is specially designed for welding aluminum, it comes with a wide variety of settings to catch up with all the requirements. But one thing you need to know is, the user interface is not as friendly as we saw in the previous models. Involving a lot of mumbo-jumbo stuff, a little experience will be needed in this area, which is another con of this model. But guess what, it isn’t all bad, you’ll love the convenient pedal that outperforms many of the competitors.

Weldpro 200 GD


As mentioned before, the high-frequency non-touch start is convenient to use that ensures the tungsten electrode is not contaminated, ensuring a neat and clean weld. In short, this one is worth considering for all the “self-to-dos” and professionals out there. 


  • Digitally designed tig welder with modren features
  • Fullty adjustable pulse
  • Amazing comfertable foot pedal
  • It can also do stick welding,stinger included
  • Equaly functional as expensive machines
  • Start and end amps,upslope,downslope,fully adjustable pulse,ac ballance,ac frequency.2t-4t
 Final Verdict 

Not the best in the market, but the best for its cheapest price, Weldpro AC DC Stick/TIG Welder easily justifies its price. Though the model doesn’t possess any extra embellishments, it easily covers almost every essential, a necessary feature required for fine quality TIG welding. A variety of settings, comfortable pedal, and clean welding with a high-frequency start, you’ll like everything about it.

The only thing annoying about this machine is the difficult UI and cheap torch. The user interface is something you’ll get used to with time, and a torch can be replaced with a few bucks, So it’s all good in the end if you’re generous and patient. A great choice overall.

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6. Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200


  • Balanced design
  • Simple UI
  • Foot pedal is exceptional
  • Good torch
  • Portable


  • Very expensive
  • Minimal adjustments

The first thing you need to know about this model is that it’s extremely overpriced for its abilities. Falling on the heavier side when it comes to money, this one doesn’t justify the price, to be honest. A good reason for placing it at number 6. Given that this welder fails us in many areas, it really couldn’t make any better in our list. 


Well, despite the fact that it has many flaws, we can’t just ignore the good things you get with it. I mean, it’s not priced that high for no reason. Design-wise, the machine is exceptionally good with decent settings and a perfect foot pedal that everyone would love. Since the UI is user-friendly, even the newbies won’t have a hard time with it


To tell you more, the machine runs at a maximum of 200 amps, with decent but minimal setting options to make certain adjustments, which many users didn’t like about it as per reviews. Moreover, there’s also a question mark on the device’s durability, which is a point of shame for a brand like Lincoln, a company typically known as a giant of the respective industry. 


Although Lincoln Electric K5126 TIG Welder has got good warranty backup, it is easily undermined by the company’s poor customer support service, which adds, even more, the user’s worries. I’d recommend investing in

less expensive, but more convenient and durable welding machines like that of AHP or Lotos mentioned in the list until you are rich enough to afford this one. 


  • Advanced features yet easy to use
  • A great tig manchine for aluminum
  • Tig and stick from one power source
  • Take it everywhere,plug in anywhere
  • Square wave technology
 Final Verdict 

Giving you an unbiased and honest opinion, the only thing which places it in the list of best TIG welder for aluminum is its functional specialty in the category. Apart from that, there’s nothing extraordinary about this model. Features wise backward, minimal settings, and high price isn’t something I’d like to own as a welder. Plus, the users raised a lot of question marks on the durability of this machine, stating to the extent that some even claimed it to be broken on delivery.

Moreover, customer support tends to be ditching the complaints despite the fact that the machine is under warranty.

Honestly, I’d strongly recommend you to go for cheaper and more convenient machines. I mean, how can we choose something with that many trust issues! 

7. MTS-205 205 Amp-Inexpensive  Aluminum  Welder


  • Versatile and multi-function welder 
  • 90% efficiency
  • Lightweight, compact & portable
  • Safe to use
  • It comes with numerous accessories
  • Duty cycle is good enough


  • Nothing. Just make sure you consult a specialist for
  • reading the manual

Are you looking for a versatile and easy to use welding machine? MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder might be something you are looking for. As the name suggests, this one is a combo welding machine, which means the user is not limited to specific kinds of metal. Capable of doing aluminum starting from 1/2 inch, stainless steel, and steel TIG/Stick Welding, it tends to be quite an efficient piece of welding you need to be checking out. 


In addition to that, it has an easy UI that allows you to adjust settings according to the nature of the task you are performing with different metals. All you need to do is just to select the thickness and type of metal, and the machine will automatically adjust the polarity and stuff accordingly.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with modern technology like IGBT and a
wave-form control system for the perfect waveform of voltage during short circuits and arc burning cycles. 


To ensure wire feed, MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick, arc combo welder uses a high-quality wire feeding machine. Moreover, an automatically controlled valve solenoid has been installed inside the machine to make it even more convenient. 


Since safety is one of the most crucial things while working with electronics, the company has made sure you don’t face any problems in this area. Having automatic compensation for voltage fluctuations, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection, automatic temperature control, etc., you can easily rely on it. To add more to your satisfaction, it features a 60% duty cycle, better than many of its competitors falling in, and higher than its price range. 


Cutting things short, it is one of the most convenient, safe, and versatile devices for the price available right now. Any DIY and professional can easily trust this one for home and commercial use.


  • Versatile
  • Advanced igbt technology
  • Synergic controlledequipped with an automaticlly controlled gas soleniod
  • Valve for clean work
  • Automatic temprature control
  • Steepless amperage control
  • Automatic compensation for voltage flutuation
  • Over voltage protection
  • 60% duty cycle
 Final Verdict 

Probably one of the best TIG welders for aluminum and other metals you can opt for as a professional and DIY if you are running low on budget, Offering amazing safety measurements, clean TIG/Stick welding abilities, and an easy user interface, you’ll like everything about it. Not only that, but there are also some modern technologies like IGBT to help you out on your course.

The duty cycle is as good as any expensive model in the market,
with over 60% turn out—an easy choice for everyone. However, since it’s not all bells and whistles, durability isn’t as expected from a high-quality welding machine. But you get it for less than $500. What else do you want?

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8. Miller Maxstar 150 STH


  • Compact and portable
  • Lets you choose the right voltage
  • Built-in safety features
  • Easy UI, usable by both newbies and experienced welders
  • Versatile


  • No paddle
  • Power fluctuations at high output
  • Not for thicker metals

When it’s time to choose a welder, professionals prefer something portable, versatile, durable, and extremely functional at the same time. Keeping everything in account, miller came up with this small but powerful tig welder for aluminum that will do it for everyone. Capable of handling both household and commercial tasks, you’ll like everything about Miller Maxstar 150 STL.

 To talk about the main highlights of this welder, it is equipped with the latest technologies, including lift-Arc designed specifically by Miller. The main function of these features is to prevent any damage caused to moto due to frequency fluctuations.

Moreover, the inverted power source
inside gives you infinite control over the machine, resulting in more life with all the useful features turned on. Puddle control makes it even more convenient. 


Being usable on any sort of low or high voltage, the 150 STL will work anywhere anytime. However, you’ll have to make sure the source is DC since it doesn’t run on an AC voltage source. With solenoid features, expect your welding experience to be cleaner and smoother than ever before. 


Moving on to the safety features, miller has done a great job in this area. Given that STL 150 comes with built-in overload protection, it’s suitable to use almost everywhere with any circuit without blowing it up. Along with that, the OCV feature allows the welder to run hassle-free for longer hours without any extra power consumption. We have also covered the best Miller’s TIG welder if you trust the company other than anyone else, please have a look.


All in all, the best tig welder for aluminum.


  • 35% duty cycle
  • 115-230 input voltage
  • Amperage of 5-150a
  • Poertable
  • Amperage control fetaure
  • 3 year warrenty
  • Inculdes plugins for both 120v and 240v
  • Tig/stick options

9. Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT


  • Exceptional performance
  • Versatile functionality
  • Easy UI
  • Light and compact
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Digital microprocessor control
  • Good for working on thick metals
  • Power packed


  • Expensive

If not for the price, Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT Advanced.TIG welder would have been one of our top 5 picks for Best TIG Welders for Aluminum. Not only because it has excellent welding skills, but all those extra embellishments a Pro welder needs for different purposes.

However, this TIG welder is also good enough for you if you are a beginner. For example, let’s take the digital microprocessor control that results in enhanced productivity, weld quality, and settings for any type of metal.

Apart from that, it features some ultra-advanced techs like three-waveforms that includes Advanced square wave, soft square wave, and triangular, square wave.

Now, if you’re newly introduced to this thing, you may be wondering what it means. Since Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT is specially designed for aluminum TIG welding, this adds even more flexibility to your work. Well, you can search for its use online as the review may get too long if we get into this thing.

Adding more to your ease and efficiency, this model also offers some tremendous but standard features for an expensive machine, including adjustable AC frequency, adjustable AC balance control, and, most of all, programmable memory. Quite a lot, eh?

Unlike the aforementioned model, this one tends to be useful in terms of thick metals. Also, you get two pulse modes, including standard and advanced. The advanced mode is generally used for thick metals, as it can easily penetrate through thick plate aluminum. To add more to your relief and productivity, the UI is extremely easy to get on with, allowing you to take equal benefits no matter if you are a casual or professional welder.

A power-packed but expensive choice!


  • Microprocessor control
  • 3 waves types ofac welding
  • Programable stick featues
  • Ugbt tecnology
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Ideal for genrator use

Final Verdict

There’s nothing much to say about it f you can afford the price, then don’t be fooled by the position it holds in our list—just a top-notch choice with every single feature that will only enhance your welding experience. From features to ease of use, everything’s just on-spot. An easy peasy lemon squeezy choice for the rich!

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TIG Welding For Aluminum – A Buyers Guide

As a matter of fact that TIG welders are high-power-consuming machines that cost a lot of money in both buying and maintaining, you should know what and why you are getting the device. No matter if you are an experienced welder or a newbie that loves to use welding machines for tidbit works, you need something that serves your purpose



In the majority of cases where buyers only consider the things they understand instead of what they need, they end up spending not only extra bucks but somehow face disappointment in certain areas like power output and

welding abilities. Looking into these common issues buyers are likely to face, here are some factors you need to be considering before making a choice:

Best Aluminum TIG Welder For The Money
Infographic: Best Aluminum TIG Welder For The Money


Input Power

Input power is something of crucial importance in welding machines. Choose a high input welder just in case your work involves heavy-duty activities. Though most of the welding machines have AC and DC adjustability options, they still won’t exceed their final input limits. Adding to that, it also depends upon the type of material you are working with. Given that the welder you are looking for should be specialized in Aluminium TIG welding, one

with heavy power, the input may be something of your interest. 


Duty Cycle

 In simple words, it is the ratio between the active and inactive time of a welding machine. Just in case you’re a heavy-duty welding professional poring long hours of work, you might need a machine that has more working capacity. High duty cycle to be precise. As TIG welding requires a powerful machine that doesn’t get very hot, you might need something with over 60% duty cycle maximum to live up to your needs. However, cheaper options are available with a total of 20% Duty cycle. Make sure you choose one that suits your nature of work the best.


Weight & Size

 If you are a welder who’s always on the go, you just need something lighter to lift every time you move. A welding machine having a weight less than 100lbs is ideal for you. The weight of a welding machine is typically decided by the weight of the transformer. Apart from that, the handle also plays a considerable role in portability. A welder with less weight and a comfortable handle is a blessing when found. 


Display & Automation

 Since TIG welding involves a bit arduous nature, you might need something that eases your burden while on duty. Sinetec automation and digitalization lessens a worker’s efforts, and they will not only help you with temperature controls but will also keep things balanced. However, if you aren’t“used to” these features and prefer a conventional welder that just performs the task efficiently, you might not need any of these. 


Tips for Welding Aluminum

The aluminum part to be weld must be extremely clean, so make sure to wipe out the dust on the surface. Welding steel is a lot different than aluminum, pinpointed precision is required to get the best results. It can be done using different rods, but we 4043 filler rod is best in terms of crack sensitivity, cost and is easily available. Professionals use 50 percent helium and 50 percent argon, but it entirely depends on the nature of the work you are performing.

Some of the most commonly asked questions:

1: Which mode is used for welding aluminum?
AC mode gives the best results for aluminum welding, DC can also be used but the quality will be compromised.

2: How to setup tig welder for aluminum?
Some of the basic rules are using optimum polarity, adjust the balance control, setting up output frequency, and using appropriate amperage.

3:What current do you use to weld aluminum?
Well, it basically depends on the thickness of metal you are welding, but the general rule is 1 amp for every thousandth (0.001) of material thickness.

4: Can you weld aluminum with scratch start tig?
Yes, it can be done but results won’t be satisfactory, you will need a high-cost frequency box costing more than a welder, a scratch start tig does not offer amperage control, which makes work messed up. 

5: What is the best tig welder for aluminum?
All aforementioned welders work best for welding aluminum, all of them have their pros and cons. But are the top choice are the following.

1: AHP AlphaTIG 200X  TIG Welder
2: Hobart EZ-TIG 165i TIG Welder
3: Lotos TIG200  TIG  Welder

Wrap Up

Keeping each of these factors into account, we used different tig welding machines and compiled a list, this list includes all the Best TIG Welder for Aluminum 2022 in the market right now. Although, if you still feel like buying something else, just make sure you consider each aspect that may affect your work!


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