5 Best Aluminum TIG Welders for 2023

As a welder, you may well know how tiring & complicated TIG welding on thin aluminum is. The struggle even increases when you aren’t doing it with the right machine.No matter if you are a “self-to-do” type of person who likes to fix his home appliances or a professional who does long hours of work, you need something convenient, affordable, easy use to use, and durable enough to pay off for the money.


Keeping everything into account, we have tested tig machines available in the market right now. Our experts waded through different welders based on features, price, and quality. Check detailed reviews of aluminum tig welders below.

Best Aluminum Welder Comparison




Easy UI

1. 2022 Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT


Affordable price

2. AHP AlphaTIG 203XI


Pulse arc ability

3. Weldpro 200 GD



4. Lotos TIG200


Balanced design

5. Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200


Which Welder Is Best for TIG Welding Aluminum?

1.2022 Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT- Best Welder for Thin Aluminum


  • Dual process (AC/DC tig & DC stick)
  • HF arc start
  • Advanced AC pulse
  • Sine wave, soft square wave & advanced wave ( AC welding)
  • Dual voltage
  • Digital microprocessor control
  • Power packed


  • UI may be overwhelming for a beginner

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT is the upgraded version of 210EXT 2017. It features inverter-based IGBT technology that provides both standard & advanced pulse features for ac welding, while for DC, it only offers a standard pulse.

It comes with 3 AC waveforms that offer extra control over aluminum welding. Once we activated the AC advance pulse, the welder could weld more than 1/2″ of aluminum.

Microprocessor control lets you manage the welding parameters and functions more precisely, which enhances the weld’s quality and productivity.

The two standard and advanced pulse features allow more control over thin aluminum welding and aid in higher penetrating on a thick aluminum plate. These controls might seem confusing to understand until you start using them.

Moreover, it comes with programmable stick functions, including arc force control, hot start time & intensity. Besides, the heavy-duty HF arc in tig start reduces welders’ maintenance issues in traditional HF.

Some welders say it is difficult to set up because of its features, but we found it easy because of its intuitive design.

One attribute we loved most is the 5 years warranty on this machine, meaning 5 years of hassle-free welding.

There’s nothing much to say about it f you can afford the price — just a top-notch choice with every feature that will only enhance your welding experience. From features to ease of use, everything’s just on-spot. An easy peasy lemon squeezy choice for the rich.

“I’ve owned the 210EXT for 2 years now and has worked great and performed excellently, tig welding quality comparable to the miller dynasty we have at work, with even more features than most top-of-the-line welders offer(digital version) No problems, no complaints for the affordable price, it’s not perfect but get the job done and runs all day, I’d recommend Everlast to anyone”(Customer Review)


We have Covered Some More Everlast TIG Welder for Aluminum

2. AHP AlphaTIG 203XI – Runner UP


  • Precise and smooth
  • Equally good for newbies and experienced welders
  • There’s an option for a digital display
  • Affordable price
  • Pulse arc capabilities
  • Bunch of different settings
  • Digital display


  • Earth clamp needs improvement

AHP AlphaTIG 203XI is the improvised version of AHP 200X with a fully controlled LCD screen. As this welder is versatile and provides the best value for the money, depriving it of the 2nd position would be completely unfair. 

An excellent all-rounder capable of fusing almost anything, its use is not limited to aluminum fabrication. However, aluminum welding is something it does the best. Therefore, it’s the only specialty our basement is judged on. The other things are just extra embellishments you get with the machine.

Though the welder falls in the budget category, it still has enough potential to compete with some high-tier welders, including Lincoln or Miller, who are considered the industry’s giants.

As all the reviews are unbiased, we can’t discuss the bells and whistles you get
. Of course, there are going to be drawbacks. More specifically, the earth clamp could have been made better, and so could the pedal. But guess what? The price and features quickly undermine these things.


Considering that the review is specifically dedicated to the best tig welder for aluminum, this is something you could dream of. Low price and excellent features, it’s an easy gamble to make for the money. Even more, when you know, it offers 3 years warranty.


3.Weldpro Digital TIG AC DC 200GD – Best Aluminum TIG Welder for Beginners


  • Pulse arc ability
  • High-frequency and non-touch start
  • Sloping functions
  • Dual voltage
  • Cleans oxidation with AC balance
  • Pulse modulation (200 Hetz)
  • 2T/4T torch lock


  • Torch disappoints a bit
  • No lift start

Weldpro Digital 200GD is an easy-to-operate AC/DC tig welder that runs on both 120/240 voltage input power.`The adjustable AC balance cleans aluminum oxidation that provides good welding penetration.

Weldpro digital has similarities with primeweld TIG225X. It offers an amperage range of 200 amps max, which is relatively smaller, and also struggles to weld at 110 volts. However, it has many similar capabilities to TIG225X.

We found it to be an excellent machine for fusing aluminum offering a wide variety of welding options. The broad welding parameters selection and sloping function give you the privilege of any welding operations under 200amps.

Some users seem annoyed with its heat control pedal, but we didn’t have any issues using it. The thing we liked most was the American-made CK 17 torch with flex heads.

Wrapping it up, weldpro digital 200 GD is the best option for you as a beginner in tig welding, as it offers a wide selection of settings. If the machine breaks down anytime, weldpro got you covered with its 3-year limited warranty.


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4. Lotos TIG200 -Best Tig Welder for Aluminum Under 1000


  • Good duty cycle
  • Versatile
  • Automated voltage selection
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Foot paddle could have been better
  • Don’t have a pulse feature

While talking about the best in the market, Lotos Technology TIG200 couldn’t go unnoticed. Being highly qualified in aluminum TIG welding, you can also use it for multiple purposes. Like the previous AHP model, this one also offers dual voltage features to be used in certain conditions. In addition, with a wide variety of controls, you’ll love it for its versatility. 

In case you intend to do heavy-duty work with the machine, 220 Volts input is preferred. However, mild works would usually get quickly done with 110V. Capable of working on both AC and DC; you can use it on both. The voltage shift is automatic, which is another advantage.


The duty cycle is comparatively good. Requiring 2 minutes rest for every 10 minutes you use, the duty cycle stands at 60%. However, it may not be impressive for most but ideal for many—especially those using it for mild duties.

Though the paddle thing may be annoying for some, it isn’t something that can refrain you from spending your money on this one. That too, when it has so much to offer.


 All in all, a versatile welding machine that justifies its price. One of the most worthy devices to be placed in the Best TIG Welders for the aluminum under 1000 category.


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5. Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200


  • Balanced design
  • Simple UI
  • Foot pedal is exceptional
  • Good torch
  • Portable


  • Very expensive
  • Minimal adjustments

The first thing you need to know about this model is that it’s extremely overpriced for its abilities. This one doesn’t justify the price falling on the heavier side of money. That is a good reason for placing it at number 5. Given that this welder fails us in many areas, it couldn’t improve our list. 


Well, even though it has many flaws, we can’t ignore the good things you get with it. I mean, it’s not priced that high for no reason. Design-wise, the machine is exceptionally good, with decent settings and a perfect foot pedal that everyone would love. Since the UI is user-friendly, even the newbies won’t have a hard time with it. 


To tell you more, the machine runs at a maximum of 200 amps, with decent but minimal setting options to make certain adjustments, which many users didn’t like, as per reviews. Moreover, there’s also a question mark on the device’s durability, which is a shame for a brand like Lincoln, a company typically known as a giant in the respective industry. 


Although Lincoln Electric K5126 TIG Welder has an excellent warranty backup, it is quickly undermined by the company’s poor customer support service, adding even more to the user’s worries. I’d recommend investing in less expensive but more convenient and durable welding machines like AHP or Lotos mentioned in the list until you are rich enough to afford this one.


TIG Welding For Aluminum – A Buyers Guide

TIG welders are high-power-consuming
 machines that cost a lot of money to buy and maintain; you should know what and why you are getting the device. No matter if you are an experienced welder or a newbie that loves to use welding machines for tidbit works, you need something that serves your purpose



In most cases, where buyers only consider the things they understand instead of what they need, they spend not only extra bucks but somehow face disappointment in specific areas like power output and welding abilities. Looking into these common issues buyers are likely to face, here are some factors you need to be considering before making a choice:

Best Aluminum TIG Welder For The Money
Infographic: Best Aluminum TIG Welder For The Money


Input Power

Input power is something of crucial importance in welding machines. Choose a high-input welder just in case your work involves heavy-duty activities. Though most welding machines have AC and DC adjustability options, they won’t exceed their final input limits. 

Adding to that, it also depends upon the type of material you are working with. Given that the welder you are looking for should be specialized in aluminum TIG welding, one with heavy power, the input may interest you. 

Duty Cycle

Simply put, it is the ratio between a welding machine’s active and inactive time. You might need a machine with more working capacity if you’re a heavy-duty welding professional poring long work hours. High-duty cycle, to be precise.

As TIG welding requires a powerful machine that doesn’t get very hot, you might need something with over 60% duty cycle maximum to live up to your needs. However, cheaper options are available with a 20% Duty cycle. Make sure you choose one that suits your nature of work the best.


Weight & Size

If you are a welder always on the go, you need something lighter to lift every time you move. A welding machine weighing less than 100 lbs is ideal for you. The weight of the transformer typically decides the weight of a welding machine. Apart from that, the handle also plays a considerable role in portability. A welder with less weight and a comfortable handle is a blessing when found. 


Display & Automation
Since TIG welding involves a bit arduous nature, you might need something that eases your burden while on duty. Sinetec automation and digitalization lessen a worker’s efforts, and they will help you with temperature controls and keep things balanced. However, if you aren’t“used to” these features and prefer a conventional welder that performs the task efficiently, you might not need any of these. 


Tips for Welding Aluminum

The aluminum part being welded must be extremely clean, so ensure to wipe out the dust on the surface. Welding steel differs from aluminum; pinpointed precision is required to get the best results. It can be done using different rods, but the 4043 filler rod is best in terms of crack sensitivity and cost and is readily available. Professionals use 50 percent helium and 50 percent argon, but it entirely depends on the nature of your work.

Some of the most commonly asked questions:

1: Which mode is used for welding aluminum?
AC mode gives the best results for aluminum welding, DC can also be used, but the quality will be compromised.

2: How to set up a TIG welder for aluminum?
Some basic rules are using optimum polarity, adjusting the balance control, setting up output frequency, and using appropriate amperage.

3:What current do you use to weld aluminum?
Well, it depends on the thickness of the metal you are welding, but the general rule is 1 amp for every thousandth (0.001) material thickness.

4: Can you weld aluminum with scratch start tig?
Yes, it can be done, but the results won’t be satisfactory. You will need a high-cost frequency box costing more than a welder. A scratch start tig does not offer amperage control, which makes work messed up. 

Wrap Up

Considering each of these factors, we used different tig welding machines and compiled a list, and the
list includes all the Best aluminum tig welders in the market right now. Although, if you still feel like buying something else, consider each aspect that may affect your work!

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