Can You Weld Aluminum with a MIG Welder

In our earth’s crust, there are several metallic elements present but one of the metals is aluminum. It is unique because it is not present in metallic form but rather indifferent rocks because of its chemical activity. That’s why it is so sensitive. It needs much care while repairing. Any of the aluminum-made things, if get broken or damaged, require MIG welding. This technique of welding is considered to be one of the best ways of repairing such metals. Aluminum can be welded but, as mentioned earlier, it needs extra care while welding as compared to other metals. So the softer it is the harder it is to weld.  As it is soft unlike other metals, it absorbs heat faster. MIG welding gun is a bulky gun having a bird’s nest inside for an aluminum wire coil of 1 lb. It also has a pointed nib that takes out the aluminum wire required for your welding.

Undertaking different positions you can weld aluminum well with your MIG welder. An arch sprouts up and starts joining the required parts accordingly.

Can you Weld Aluminum with a MIG welding gun?

There is a list of options you can use for welding as TIG, gas, etc but recommended is MIG welding which is easy in learning and practicing. One should be trained using a MIG welder and managing the electric arch. In MIG welding a wire whether of steel or aluminum is required.

weld aluminum with a MIG welding gun

Requirements: Proper training, the use of welding machines, and managing it well with all safety measures are the requirements for welding anything at the very first priority. Before MIG welding removes the oxides to be removed. If you won’t remove the oxides your pieces to weld will not be joined.

Aluminum welding with a MIG welder:

Getting start MIG welding the push-pull gun is a better option to use for feeding. You can also use your regular MIG gun. A pointed gun arching is fun. First of all Grease, your gun on the o-ring of your gun so that it may help slide in and seal. In Most of the MIG welding guns there is mixed gas but better to go for straight Argon.

For 18 you will keep your MIG welding machine on 5 to 70 points according to the thickness of the aluminum. You can also manage inches per minute and volts on your machine.

Aluminum welding with a MIG welder

Keep that in mind that if you keep the voltage high (5 to 7-8) the electric arc will turn back which is a dangerous and worst thing to do. It is recommended to keep it down from 5 e.g 3 but not more than this.

Keeping it on low voltage will lead you to better and safe coverage. So, avoid a run-on line. It will be slow but won’t arch back. You can speed up voltage if need much smoother MIG welding.

As it will arch back you need to hold it up an inch and then arch as long as you want for safe and smooth functioning.

Precautionary measures: As precautionary measures wear glasses to keep your eyes safe from getting into contact with extreme arch light. Wear gloves to save your hands from arch as arch backs may cause severe burning. Clean the aluminum piece and after MIG welding avoids touching it until it gets cold down.


MIG welding aluminum is easier than any other method of welding. It requires some of the very basic tactics that can only be learned through proper training. There are also mentioned some of the safety measures to be kept in mind while MIG welding aluminum. So  Can you weld aluminum with a MIG welder question conclude here that yes you can weld aluminum with a MIG welder in any of your desired forms? If you get enough training you can adjust the voltages according to the thickness of your metal and can get smoother feeding. So, buy a machine if you don’t have one and start welding, I have covered affordable MIG welding machines under $500 which you can have a  look at. But if you need something that you can use like a pro, I would recommend getting the MIG welding machine for under $1000.

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