Best Entry Level CNC Plasma Table (2023)

If you are hunting for the best entry-level CNC plasma table, this article will be of utmost help. All the essential information, along with some fantastic features of selected products, is mentioned below.

You will surely be impressed with their versatility, ease of use, and precision. So, let’s dig into the detailed review.

Best Entry Level CNC Plasma Table, Machines & Routers




Water draining system

1. Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table


One year warranty

2. STV Motorsports SparX510 5×10 CNC Plasma Cutting Table


Cuts ¾” of steel plates

3. STV Motorsports CNC Plasma Table


Offline controller

4. 2 in 1 3000mW Engraver CNC 3018 Pro GRBL Control


Power adapter present

5. Genmitsu CNC Router Machine


DW660 router present

6. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit


Offline controller

7. CNC Router Machine 4040-XE


1. Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table – Best for Small Business


  • Adjustable torch height
  • Easy programming software
  • Water draining system


  • Heavy

The Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table stands top on our list of the best entry-level CNC plasma tables for its user-friendly software and hassle-free hours to correct alignment.

This is an incredible CNC plasma table that starts cutting right away with no fuss. Moving ahead, we will further highlight the remarkable features it possesses.

We found its compact design with a good cutting area of 24”x24” and a pre-cut supported by the material cross. A fully assembled Baileigh table requires 110 volts of power to operate appropriately.

Its strong welded frame has accuracy in design and maintains the perfect balance of the table throughout the cutting process. A USB can be used along with jog controls for installing any design.

Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

The PT-22 CNC table can help mild steel up to 3/4” by manually controlling all the settings beforehand. The height of the working torch can be altered depending on the material under process. Hence it is the best entry-level CNC plasma table in terms of performance and price and is worth considering.

Moreover, it comprises a water bath system to eliminate the bacteria that accumulate after the cutting. The best way to remove all the debris is to use plain water or plasma cutting fluid half the length and drain out with the ball valve on the side. Cleaning maintains the workflow and does not hinder operations.

Baileigh has been a well-known brand for the past 21 years that is trusted and increases work efficiency. Incredible features such as easy programming software, accepting DXF files, and enabling the tailoring of the torch height according to the metal thickness, and water bath system ensures smooth operations. Still, according to our analysis, this machine can be heavy and expensive for a beginner.

2. STV Motorsports SparX510 5×10 CNC Plasma Cutting Table -Best Under $10k


  • Built-in MyPlasmaCNC program
  • Linear guide rails present
  • One year warranty


  • Window-based programs
  • No torch included

Speed and accuracy are what the CNC plasma tables must be perfect at! The STV Motorsports SparX510 CNC Plasma Cutting Table comes with high-quality stepper motors and colossal working space.

It has a considerable working station that offers consistency, control, and smooth operations and makes your job quick and easy.

The Built-in MyPlasmaCNC program is easy to use, making the professional projects run smoothly throughout. It can accept DXT, PLT, and TAP files, enhancing the plasma-cutting experience.

All these settings make this machine ideal for mass productions that require the same design and accuracy. Furthermore, USB can be used to incorporate new designs into the system.

Sturdy construction and smooth linear guide rails assure intricate cutting of the steel plates up to an inch, making these an excellent option for startups.

All the wires are perfectly fixed, leaving behind no loose ends that make the operation effortless. This comes with a 365-day warranty and technical support for a lifetime.

Interestingly, this STV Motorsports SparX510 CNC Plasma Cutting Table comprises a water bed that reduces heat production and prevents material warping during the work process. Hence the design, technology, and CNC innovations make it an ideal unit for cutting operations.

The STV plasma table enables smooth operations with no struggle because of the MyPlasmaCNC program included when the unit is purchased, and linear guide rails assure accuracy in less time. This plasma table has a windows system that might not be compatible with some programs and has no oxy-acetylene torch.

3. STV Motorsports CNC Plasma Table – Cheapest 4×8


  • Compressed gas used for the operation
  • Cuts ¾” of steel plates
  • Oxy-acetylene torch included


  • It is expensive

Another great product from STV sports with no compromise on quality. The STV SparX4800 CNC Plasma Table is compact compared to the old SparX line and can be managed easily.

It occupies less space, providing the same functions as the enormous machines. Comprises good quality, durable components with the most straightforward technology.

The SparX4800 has a straightforward cutting process using the MyPlasmaCNC program. A USB can be connected to the machine to introduce new designs and unique cuts into the system. Besides, the presence of a high-performance torch can aid in achieving accuracy, especially while working on thinner materials.

In addition, these small structured CNC machines have the same functions and a cut speed of 800 inches per minute, but the speed shall be managed to avoid burning marks on the metal surfaces. Another benefit of the compact size is less use of the cleaning agents for the machine and eventually saving money.

The STV Motorsports SparX4800 CNC Plasma Table has a high speed because it uses compressed gas through a nozzle. This can accurately cut down ¾” of steel plates and has an adjustable torch. The SparX4800 is considered to be expensive as compared to the SparX510 unit.

4. 2-in-1 3000mW Engraver CNC 3018 -Best CNC Machine for Wood & Metal


  • It has a cooling fan
  • High precision power
  • Offline controller


  • Not suitable for hard materials

The 2-in-1 3000mW Engraver CNC 3018 Pro GRBL Control is an absolute piece of art. Inserted driver chips and heat sinks make the operations efficient by increasing the work pace. The control board has a muscular build, making it long-lasting and durable throughout intense working sessions.

Compatible with Windows, the 3000mW Engraver is perfect for all your projects. With high engraving power and precision, it is always recommended to wear protective goggles. It has the capability to transfer pictures quickly from laser GRBL to engrave on the material.

The x, y, and z-axis can be handled manually. A fan is present to cool down the machine when it works at high speed, producing some fantastic pieces. Several materials, like plastic, aluminum, copper, etc., can be carved with this 2-in-1 machine.

The 2-in-1 3000mW Engraver CNC 3019 Pro GRBL Control has a cooling fan in the unit that keeps the machine cool during prolonged operations. It has a high precision power of up to 0.1mm. The offline controller helps to control the system manually. This machine is not suitable for carving hard materials out.

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5. Genmitsu CNC Router Machine – Best for Hobbyists


  • Power adapter present
  • Smooth communication between components
  • Presence of a laser module


  • Low-quality materials used

Next on the list of the best CNC plasma machines we have the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine. It has a sturdy framework that assures long performance while turning ideas into exciting projects. The presence of the control box and the driver system helps control the motions and tames down the electronic components.

Ideal for beginners, it is an excellent tool that stabilizes the input and output with a laser module when working for prolonged sessions. It can further enhance your woodworking skills and help carve some exquisite designs. These need no extra accessories or components and can be engraved in a depth of 1.8 inches.

All the materials, including plastic, aluminum, wood, PVCs, etc., can be slashed or carved by the Genmitsu CNC Router Machine. It also enables smooth conversations between the software and hardware for controlling movement. It is exceptionally reliable, operates on Arduino, and has a straightforward assembling process.

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Genmitsu CNC Router Machine

The CNC router machine comprises a power adapter DWP611 that enables variable speed and control, providing flexibility to perform multiple tasks. For keeping an overall balance, the router machines have easy and smooth communication between the components. With so many incredible features, the Genmitsu might lack quality.

6. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit – Best Budget CNC Plasma Table


  • DW660 router present
  • Ideal for bigger sheets
  • Sturdy Baltic birch frame


  • A bit noisy

Set aside your worries about achieving precision and a good finish. The E4 by BobsCNC is more capable and famous among woodworkers and hobbyists. It can work efficiently on numerous pieces, such as plywood sheets, wood, aluminum, etc., with a thickness of almost 3 inches.

The total cutting area is 24”x50.5”, ideal for working on large sheets and wood pieces. An Arduino microprocessor has a single board, helping to repeat designs and achieve the desired output.

Unlike the other tools, the DW660 does not wear out fast and is versatile in nature. The double insulation spindle provides excellent protection against dust, making this ideal for woodworking projects.

The BobCNC Evolution E4 comprises a Baltic birch frame, famous for its strength and pleasant appearance. X and Y axes are moved with the help of a belt, so the speed shall be ramped up gradually.

The z-axis, on the other hand, is firm when lowered into the surface because of the acetal nuts and acme rods. Overall, it has a special place among the CNC router kits.

The E4 by BobCNC comprises Dewalt DW660, which makes sure not to stop between working sessions. The big workstation makes this ideal for working on more significant pieces of metal/sheets. A sturdy framework assures stability and strength while working on hard materials. The E4 can be noisy and irritating sometimes.

7. CNC Router Machine 4040-XE – Best for Cabinet Making


  • NEMA23 stepper motors
  • Large working area
  • Offline controller


  • Might heat up

Ideal for professional and personal use, CNC Router Machine 4040-XE uses NEMA 23 stepper motors, enabling efficiency and fast-paced work. A new design box has all the controlling buttons integrated into it. This makes the operational procedures safe and secure.

The 4040-XE needs 110 volts of power to continue the work process. An LCD touchscreen of 3.5 inches is also present on the unit, which can be used offline. This router machine has a large workstation that allows every object, such as foam, nylon, resin, etc., to work.

The CNC router machine works on the GRBL software, enabling easy motion control and access to many other software applications. All the essential components of the router are pre-assembled; thus, the wires need a few minutes to connect with the unit.

The CNC Router Machine 4040-XE has decent motion control because of the NEMA23 stepper motors. It has a large engraving area, making work much easier and more efficient. The screen is an offline controller to carry out the operations manually. After excessive work, the unit might heat up.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best entry-level CNC plasma tables for you can be a nightmare. Before buying the machine to solve this problem, several essential factors shall be considered. The features they possess help you increase productivity and achieve the desired output in less time.

Best Entry Level CNC Plasma Table
Infographic: Best Entry-Level CNC Plasma Table

The software should always be the priority when searching for CNC plasma tables. These are the main reasons behind increasing productivity.

The CNC software is responsible for carrying out the cutting operations on the metal with extreme precision. It should ideally be compatible with the cutter and the plasma table for proper functioning.

Most of the time, heavy materials are cut by the CNC plasma tables. So these must have sturdy construction to carry out the desired output from the machines.

It is recommended to go for the plasma tables with a steel structure as it is lightweight, has strength, and is better than aluminum.

The type of machine you need to use also depends on your working operations. Any machine will work for you if you are working with soft metals. But if you have to use heavy materials, then a table with a solid build would be perfect for all the operations.

Water Bath System
All the cutting tasks lead to dust. Working with different types of metals can accumulate bacteria inside the machine, hindering the work process.

Hence a plasma table with a water bath system shall be preferred. It can be cleaned with water or plasma fluids to remove the debris, making the working operations run smoothly and enabling better results.

The size of your working station can affect your output. The bigger the area, the quicker you can carry out the functions. Secondly, cutting heavy metals requires a lot of space. This cannot be done while having a small working area.

The CNC plasma machines tend to heat up when working continuously for hours. This can even lead to a short circuit or the breaking of wires inside the units.

Some of these come with a fan that keeps the system cool while working. These machines are ideal if you carry out operations for extended periods. It makes them long-lasting as well.

Speed Control
An option for speed control is essential to look for when thinking about buying a CNC plasma table. The speed can be adjusted according to the material you are working on.

It helps achieve precision and makes the designs perfect. Setting the machines at high speeds can leave the metals with burning scars and destroy their appearance. Speed adjustment gives more control to engraving the metal’s accurate shapes.

A USB can help you incorporate new designs into the machines. Any unique designs you like to engrave on the metal surface can be transferred with the help of a USB.

This feature might help customize the products or produce the same designs in bulk. The same settings can also be saved and used again during mass production.

CNC Plasma Tables come with two types of motors, i.e., stepper and servo. The Servo motors can be used at infinite positions and are not limited. These are expensive as compared to stepper motors.

On the other hand, stepper motors work only in limited positions. They have a limited range and cannot work beyond that. Hence they are cheaper and most commonly used among both types.

CNC plasma tables possess multiple parts and are huge and nearly impossible to assemble with professional help. It is recommended to prefer the pre-assembled ones or only require a few steps to connect the components with the main body. This saves you from a huge hassle and saves a lot of time.


What is a good entry-level plasma cutter?

An excellent entry-level plasma cutter should have a CNC, adjustable torch, and speed control. All these features enable a smooth and precise cutting process. The CNC can control the functions, while speed control can help achieve accuracy.

What is the easiest plasma cutter to use?

The easiest plasma cutter is the one with a large working area and can carve metals in-depth with precision. This help produce the desired output and make cutting easy and efficient.

How accurate are plasma cutters?

Plasma cutters can be very accurate and help you achieve precision from 0.01 to 0.05. These have motion control and work in multiple positions to carry out operations efficiently.

Do you need gas with a plasma cutter?

Yes, compressed gas is needed to cut the materials with the help of a plasma cutter. These produce high pressure that moves the nozzle and cuts the metal precisely. Hence it is best to use nitrogen for cutting stainless steel.

What is the disadvantage of plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting might be ineffective for some heavy or denser materials. They might produce very high fumes and noise during the cutting process.


CNC plasma cutting tables are a significant investment if you are a beginner. These are easy to use and can cut various materials accurately. A list of the best entry-level CNC plasma tables has been mentioned above, including all the necessary information, but the two best among them are:

  • Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table is best because of the adjustable torch and easy programming system. Moreover, these have a water-draining system that cleans and cools the system.
  • STV Motorsports CNC Plasma Table uses compressed gas for carrying out the operation. A built-in MyPlasmaCNC program is present that makes work efficient.

These are the best and can help you engrave the required designs effortlessly. Both of these can be best for startups or even for meeting mass productions.

Hence CNC plasma tables reduce human errors while giving complete motion control. These have multiple benefits and can immensely increase work speed.

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