Everlast 225EXT Review

Fusing metals is quite challenging! Thus, it is imperative to have your hands on a competent welding machine that delivers versatility, compatibility, durability-all in one! When I entered the market with the idea of having the best welder, I was left puzzled because there were so many options around. If you’re in the same stipulation, then Hello!

After frantic research and testing, I came to one reliable, convenient, and highly efficient product. No more abeyance! I am talking about none other than Everlast 225EXT, which is a front-runner. In this blog, I’ll dissect each parameter of this welder to boost your knowledge so that you understand preponderantly.

Everlast 225EXT Review

The Everlast 225EXT is a heavy-duty welding machine that is reliable and delivers extraordinary performance as compared to its predecessors. At first sight, it looks sleek and compact yet decent. It is available in black and light green color, which is quite aesthetic. If you’re a home hobbyist, then this welder is great for you because of its layout.

Welding Process

There are different types of welding processes; each is intended to serve a different purpose. The welding equipment is designed based on these processes. In simple words, a MIG welder is designed for MIG welding; a TIG is for TIG welding, and so on.

Everlast 225EXT side display with front panel

In the same scenario, the Everlast 225EXT is a TIG welder. And what is meant by TIG welding? TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas. Tungsten metal is used as an electrode or welding wire to weld the metals in this welding process. TIG welding is one of the most precise, efficient, and cleaner welding processes. Also, have a look at the everlast tig welders we have reviewed.

However, if you are an entry-level welder, I suggest not starting with TIG welding because it is tough to learn. Once you know the MIG welding process, TIG welding would be easier for you to understand. I found this welding process great for professionals.

Over that, this welder can also possess a stick welding process. A stick welder is effective for joints or drafty places. If you’re planning to work on thicker metal pieces or even alloys, then stick welding would be an unbeatable choice. The review also revealed that stick welding is more economical than any other welding process, making it a better option for home hobbyists.

Everlast 225EXT Review


The Everlast 225EXT is based on inverter technology which means it works on both alternating or direct current. Direct current welding machines utilize current with one flow only (direct flow), while alternate welders utilize alternating current. This IGBT machine is a high-class device that can switch from AC to DC or DC to AC as per requirement.

The main advantage of having an IGBT welder is precision. It automatically controls the current flow, providing you with more accuracy at work. Plus, you can avail of various welding kinds via this machine because it works like a transformer.

Amperage Input

Ampere or Amp is a unit of current. The input refers to the amount of current consumed by a particular welder. The Everlast 225EXT comes with an amperage value of 250A, which is relatively high. It means this welder can weld thick metals, too, like ½ inches of steel. I found this welder excellent for working on aluminum and stainless steel.

Duty Cycle

A duty cycle is defined as a period or limit in which your tool can perform functions at a specific amperage range. For example, if a welder has a 30% duty cycle with an amperage value of 200A, then it means this machine can run for 10 minutes. At the start, it continuously maintains 200A for three minutes.

The duty cycle varies among different tools and processes. The Everlast 225EXT exhibits the duty cycle of 60% at 150A and 100% at 120 A for the TIG welding process, which is splendid. On the other hand, the duty cycle would be 60% at 120A and 100% at 90 A for the stick welding process.


Price is a notable factor when buying a welder because this is not something one can buy repeatedly. Under this parameter, the Everlast 225EXT is on the steep side, as it is high-priced. But, it is a valuable welding machine that exhibits flawless specifications which are worth every coin you spend on it.

In my opinion, this super marvelous welder is not a good option for entry-level workers. First, it supports TIG welding, and second, it is expensive. I found it a first-rate machine for professionals. It can also serve industrial-scale works. I must say it is one of the most productive, worthy, and good welding machines you can ever have!


Are Everlast welders any good?

I believe Everlast is one of the promising brands in the welding industry, which stands for its reliable yet productive items. The supporting example is Everlast 225EXT which exhibits utmost efficiency and performance. If you’re not tight on your pocket and looking for a bright option, then you should consider products of this brand.

What input phase does this welder run on?

The Everlast 255EXT is based on inverter technology. It means that this machine can run on both input phases: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). This makes it a more versatile and reliable choice than its market competitors.

Is it capable of welding stainless steel and aluminum?

Yes, the everlast 225EXT is capable of welding steel and aluminum. If you’re working on thick metals, then I recommend you opt for stick welding. You can weld up to ½ inches thick metal through this flawless welding machine.

Last Thoughts

In the context of my recommendation, this welder is one of the most reliable and powerful tools in today’s market. It is an excellent choice for experts or industrial-level welders because it exhibits impressive productivity and efficiency.

My favorite thing about this welder is that it possesses TIG and stick welding process, plus it has a memory feature that stores the settings, making functionality more convenient. The dark side is the cost, as it is a bit pricey.

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