Hobart Handler 125 Review – (2023)

Atrocious equipment is the main cause of poor welding! Get rid of bad fusions and awful welding experiences with an updated welding machine that exhibits better performance. In this article, I’ll review the Hobart Handler 125, which is a MIG welder. Putting it briefly; this is a premium tool that boasts spectacular capabilities.

Undeniably, the welder is not something a user can buy frequently. Thus, it is imperative to have one which promises to stay with you for a long time and works efficiently. In this sequence, I’ve tried many machines and learned that Hobart Handler is a conqueror. This is not an advertisement; I’ll reveal the facts and figures which support my words below.

Hobart Handler 125 Review


  • Affordable
  • Extremely compatible
  • Works efficiently
  • Decent design
  • Includes warranty


  • Ground clamp quality needs improvement

The Hobart Handler 125 is a premium welding machine by Hobart company. It stands up in the market due to its remarkable build quality, input value, and overall performance. While reviewing a welder, multiple factors require prior attention. Thus, I’ve sectionally explained the design, input voltage, usability, price, and more.


This entry-level welder is a lightweight tool; it weighs only 50 lbs., so you won’t have to make space in your work area. It is 16 – 7/8 inches in length, 9 – 7/8 inches in width, and 12 – 1/8 inches in height. If you’re searching for a compact welder, then the Hobart Handler 125 is a flawless option for you.

Over that, it is made up of metal which ensures the durability and stiffness of this product. However, I am not saying that the build quality is extraordinary, but it justifies the cost of this welding machine. It is a decent and modern-looking welder which is available in black and white color. Overall, I love the layout of this machine.

Turning on Hobart Handler 125


The welding machines are based on different technologies. This Hobart welder boasts transformer technology. According to physics, there are two main kinds of electric current, i.e., direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). The transformer can convert alternating current into the required voltage. This Hobard welder works the same, so it is more versatile and compatible to perform a variety of tasks. I have also compared Hobart with Lincoln in another article have a look.

Hobart Handler 125 Review

Input and Output

The Hobart 125 offers variable input and remarkable output voltage. As I said before, it is a transformer-type welder, which means it can work on various voltages. The input voltages of this welder are 110 V, 115 V, and 120 V. I found these input values enough for a range of tasks like home weldings or even professional work.

Plus, the power source of this high-end performing welding machine is extremely compatible. It features a corded-electric power source. What does that mean? The corded electric source refers to the hard wire which is installed in this welder. It means that it can directly work with wall sockets; there is no need for additional adapters or linkers. This feature is one of the reasons I highly recommend this tool to home hobbyists.

The Hobart welder converts this electric current into voltage value which is called output. It automatically adjusts the output range, so you don’t need to worry about it. Statistically, the output value of this top-notch welding machine is 76 volts.

Installation Type

The installation type defines the welding process for which a certain welding machine can be used. The Hobart 125 is a MIG welder, which means that it is designed for MIG welding. MIG welding is also called Metal Inert Gas welding, in which an active gas is produced to form an electric arc between an electrode and working metal. The electrode is also called a welding wire.

What is MIG welding used for? MIG welding is a popular welding process used for welding a range of metals, including steel, magnesium, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, nickel, silicon, and many other alloys. The main advantage of MIG welding is that it is capable of fusing thick metals. Plus, it allows you to weld in different positions. In short, MIG welding boasts all-position capability.

Wire thickness

As I said before, the Hobart Handler is a MIG welder, which is compatible with various metals. The thickness of the welding wire or electrode of this welder range from 0.023 inches to 0.03 inches. For your information, a low-power welding machine requires a thin electrode, while a high-power tool requires a thick wire to deliver the best results.

I worked on different metals to check the compatibility of this welding machine. It can weld metal with the following thickness range: 24 gauge – 3/16 inches. This scale is quite large and allows you unbeatable versatility in your work. I must say that this machine is capable of welding thick materials efficiently.


This machine comes as a package, as it includes a MIG gun which is used to feed the welding wire into the pool, three contact tips that are made of copper and make the process semi-automatic, and one clamp, which is a metal sheet that holds two pieces tightly and assist infusion, and a ground cable which is a conductor that connects the material to the ground. These are the additional accessories that will make the welder more usable.


If you’re a budget-conscious buyer and looking for a best-performing welder, then Hobart Handler 125 MIG welder is the best choice for you! It is unbeatable when it comes to price. You’ll never regret having your hands on this affordable yet efficiently working device. I highly recommend it to entry-level welders, home hobbyists, or even professionals.


There is no doubt that Hobart is a famous brand in the welding market. The company has scored a good reputation in the industry by manufacturing reliable products. The Hobart Handler 125 comes with a 5/3/1 industrial warranty – registered by the company.


Does a Hobart Handler 125 use gas?

The Hobart Handler is a DC welder with a built-in feeder that allows it to function in household current. In other words, it is a ready-made or ready-to-welder machine that requires no additional setups. It is based on a self-shielding mechanism.

How is MIG welding done?

MIG welding or Metal Inert Gas welding is an arc process in which an electrode or welding wire is fed via a MIG gun into the pool, fusing the materials (metals). In this welding type, a gas (shielding gas) is sent through the gun, shielding the pool from impurities.

Can a Hobart Handler weld aluminum?

Yes! The Hobart Handler can weld aluminum metal quite efficiently. It is compatible with thick metals, too, which makes it a better option than its market competitors. Please make sure to work with the correct procedure to get better results.


In the end, I must say that Hobart Handler 125 is a promising device that will improve your welding experience. It is best suited for home hobbyists and entry-level workers because of its ready-to-do setup. I also recommend it to buyers who are tight on the pocket because it is an affordable item in today’s market. In the end, the decision will be all yours.

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