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Welding is a hands-on talent that is hard to learn and requires practice and effort. To improve the welding experience, one must have the finest welder for it. A good welder boasts maximum productivity, simple learning, versatility, faster performance, and simple functionality at a low cost. In this sequence, I found Lincoln Pro MIG 180 excellent because it is highly compatible and efficient. Undoubtedly, there is a lot more to discuss this front-runner so let’s dig in!

Numerous factors need your prior consideration while buying the best welder. I experienced that build quality, technique, and power matter the most. Thus, in this blog, I’ll share every minor detail related to the Lincoln Pro MIG 180, one of the most popular welder models in today’s market.

Lincoln Pro MIG 180 Review


  • Strong Device
  • Smooth start
  • Promising output range
  • Multi-purpose
  • High-end wiring


  • Expensive

Build Quality

The Lincoln Pro MIG 180 boasts an aluminum gearbox that is effective yet durable. The cast aluminum gearbox is available in supreme devices only, and it gives a complete finish to your work. The aluminum metal is demanding because of its rust-resistant feature; it reduces corrosion making the product long-lasting and reliable. We also have other MIG welders that you can use on Aluminum.


This superlative welding machine is based on “Diamond Core technology,” patented by Lincoln itself. This technology is developed to drive a more forgiving arc. It delivers broad voltage and low spatters levels making the work smoother and more accurate. The diamond core technology is demanded for dealing with steel and aluminum materials in out-position.

Lincoln Pro MIG 180 in welding trolley


The MIG 180 is a popular and demanding welder because of its high-end performance and specifications. As I said before, reviewing a welder must include its power. The Lincoln 180 features Dual Input Power. It means it can support dual voltage, which makes it a more versatile, trustworthy device & considered as one of the best MIG welders under $1000.

I suggest this reliable welder to home hobbyists and professional workers because there is no voltage or power limitation. It is preferable everywhere, regardless of the kind of task you’re going to perform. It is essential to set the correct settings to get better results. For instance, if you require more power value, then use the 208 by 230 volts option.

Lincoln Pro MIG 180


A welder works like a transformer. It converts the average current electricity and average voltage into high current (measured in amps) and low voltage (measured in volts). The Lincoln welder comes with a control knob that allows you to regulate the output level.

Now the question is, when do you have to switch the level? Please switch the output levels based on your work. For example, if you’re a hobbyist or entry-level worker who’s dealing with light materials, then you should go for 120 V. On the other hand, the 230V option will be appropriate for welders dealing with thick substances.


The Lincoln welder comes in lovely packaging. When you open its box, you’ll see an assembly of tools that need to be gathered. Don’t fret! It contains a guiding book that is excellent for beginners, as it helps you assemble the welder in the right way. You have to assemble it once; afterward, you’ll use it right away.

For assemblage, the magnum gun is the essential thing. For your information, this is a 100L gun attached with a ten ft. fire. It would help if you assembled this gun first and, after that, installed the spools. The Lincoln MIG 180 has built-in polarization power, which provides flux to the whole wiring. In the end, I must say that the assemblage is not challenging. You need to pay attention to perform it better. Still, if you’re getting tense, seek instructions from an expert.


If you’re an amateur and want to improve your welding skills, then we got your back. This Lincoln welding machine features a simple design that facilitates easy operation. Regardless of your skill level, you can have this device to experience a quick and efficient welding process. Still, if you’re anxious about its usage, I suggest you get help from internet sources.


There is no doubt that this welding machine is designed to deliver unbeatable versatility. It is not for a single-use but a packaged device. You cannot just pick it up and walk to your work because it is heavyweight. It is not for regular lifting; that’s not a disadvantage but a fact as it is built to provide exceptional durability to users. Though, it is manageable and equipped with handles that support carrying.

Repairment And Warranty

The Lincoln welder comes with a three-year warranty which is good enough. I’ve seen welding machines with no warranty at all, so in this sense, this welder is a reliable deal. Plus, the gun and cable included in the box also have 90 days warranty by manufacturers.

Secondly, repair is also an issue when we’re talking about equipment. It is a fact that every piece of machinery needs repairing or service after time and use, and the same is the case with Lincoln welding machines. In this sequence, you can contact the service department of Lincoln, which is very much supportive.


What are the common mistakes in MIG welding?

The primary and most frequent mistake is that people don’t prepare the working material. Secondly, the correct voltage setting is essential; don’t set it too high or very low. Plus, the gun angle should not be too steep.

Can Lincoln 180 MIG weld aluminum?

Yes, the Lincoln 180 welder is a versatile machine that comes with a dual voltage mechanism. You can switch the input power through a knob-based on your desired material. For instance, if you’re working on thick substances, go for the 208/230 V option.

How is MIG welding done?

MIG welding is a welding process wherein you use a gun to join materials together. This welding process is based on a continuous wire electrode which is fed by the gun. During the process, a gas is transferred to protect the pool from contaminants; that’s why it is named MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding.

Our Verdict

Lincoln Electric is a well-known brand in the welding market and has good standing because of its excellent products and services. The Lincoln Pro MIG 180 is a top-notch device installed with a dual voltage system and Lincoln premium diamond core technology. You can compare it with Hobart 190 if you want.

In short, this superior device boasts exemplary performance, high efficiency, and durability. I recommend it to both professionals and new workers because of its handy usage and accuracy in work. However, it stands on the expensive side because of its deluxe features.

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