Lotos TIG200 Review – (2023)

Lotos TIG200 is one of the most versatile welding machines that you will see in the market currently. One of its best features includes that it can serve multiple purposes. You can use this machine to weld various metals such as steel or aluminum.

Plus, the best part about this welding machine is that you get so many accessories that complement it and add value to it. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the major features of Lotos TIG200 in detail.

Lotos TIG200 Review

If you are facing any difficulty while making the right choice then we are going to make it easier for you by talking about the features of this machine in detail. Given below is a list of some of the interesting features of Lots Tig200. We hope that you find them fruitful for your decision-making while you plan to buy one:

Reliability of The Machine

Lotos tig200 is one of the best and most reliable machines that you will ever come across. The machine is versatile and extremely flexible in terms of its functions and overall performance. You can make adjustments according to your requirements very easily.

The system of the machine is also quite easy to operate which further adds value to it. This machine is basically for beginners and not for experts. However, experts may also sometimes use it.

Additional Components With the Machine

Lotos Tig200

The best part about the Lotos TIG200 is that you get multiple accessories with it. One major advantage that you get because of the accessories is that your time and energy are saved. In fact, you can work in a more effective manner. Some of these accessories include a power supply, foot pedal, adaptor, and so much more.

Not just that but you also get separate accessories for its torch. Getting all of this in a TIG welder at such a reasonable price is something rare and you may not find such a good package elsewhere. So, this was all about the accessories.

Controlling The Heat

In this welding machine, you get the option of controlling the heat. For this matter, there is a foot pedal that allows you to do that. This option makes the process of welding a lot more convenient and easy as you get all the control over the heat. You do not get this option on every machine.

Lotos Tig200

So, this makes the machine stand out due to its easy-to-use features and its versatility. Plus, the best part about this foot pedal is that it does not cause any clutter, unlike ordinary machines that leave a lot of mess. So, this is a big advantage that you get with this machine.

Dual Voltage Feature in Lotos Tig200

This feature gives you so much space and flexibility to do things according to your own convenience. For instance, with this feature, the voltage is automatically adjusted according to the requirement without you worrying about it.

Other than that, the best part about the dual voltage feature is that it comes with two separate adapters for both voltages. So, all these qualities add value to this welding machine. You may not find all these characteristics in other ordinary machines that too at such an affordable price.

Multifaceted in Terms of Its Performance

This welding machine is built upon AC and DC technology which shows that it can perform multiple functions. If the machine is limited to only DC (direct current) then its performance will also be limited. It will not weld aluminum due to its limitations.

However, when the machine comes with a combination of both i.e AC and DC then it can easily weld all kinds of metals. So, this feature allows you to weld whatever you want which makes it valuable and preferable among other machines that do not possess all these amazing features.


Are Lotos welders any good?

Yes, definitely. This is one of the most trustworthy brands and its products are shipped to various parts of the world. Moreover, this TIG welding machine is perfect for beginners since it does not cost much while offering so many features at the same time. So, all these make this welding machine one of the best and most preferred machines among other machines.

What gas do I use for TIG welding?

The most common types of gases that are used for welding purposes are generally a combination of argon gas and helium gas. In some cases, argon alone is also used and does its job perfectly. Helium is usually added to argon to complement it and add value to it.

Can you TIG weld steel with pure argon?

Yes, argon is perfectly fine for welding all materials. Whether it is steel, aluminum or any other metal, argon is fine for all of them. This reflects the versatility of this gas and its suitability for multiple materials.

What current can be used to weld both carbon and stainless steel?

You can use DC to weld carbon and steel because they do not involve any complications. However, for aluminum, AC is required because otherwise, it is not possible with just DC. Aluminum is difficult to weld and is a bit complicated. So, for this matter, lotos tig200 is the best machine because it involves AC as well as DC.


Lotos Tig200 is an all-in-one welding machine that comes with multiple features and advantages over other machines that do not have much to offer. This machine comes at a reasonable cost yet offers you multiple features and is also quite handy.

Plus, the machine is durable and long-lasting so you do not have to worry about its life. You take it along with you even at site areas or while welding things at home. This machine is an ideal package that incorporates quality as well as a reasonable price along with so many features. We also recommend you have a look at the tips & tricks for beginners to start TIG welding.

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