Miller Diversion 180 – (2023)

Miller has introduced its incredible TIG welding machine. If you are done with old kinds of welding and want to try something new. This astonishing welding machine will provide you with a new level of welding experience. If you are a hobbyist or a welder who likes neat welding, this product is made for you!

MIG and stick welders are undoubtedly excellent welders and can provide you with solid welding, but when you want to make your welding perfect and flawless, the best product for that is TIG welders. Well, folks! In this article, I am going to tell you about mesmerizing miller diver 180.

If you are new to this product and interested in TIG welding, I have shortlisted some of the best features of this welding machine that you will enjoy while reading and working with. So take your coffee and settle down. And go through this fantastic article that I am writing just for you.

Miller Diversion 180


  • Product dimensions are 26.5 x 13.5 x 21.5 inches
  • It weighs about 65 pounds
  • Capable of welding up to 3/16″ thick steel or aluminum
  • The overall width is 9.875
  • High-frequency start
  • Welding amperage range up to 180 amp
  • Welder Duty Cycle is 35%

If you are tired of your old welding machine, this is the best product you can upgrade yourself with. Miller produces one of the best welding machines that you can find in the metallurgy industry. All of them are excellent and have unique features, just like the Miller diversion 180. This welding machine is specifically designed for beginners and every professional who wants to utilize it in smooth metal design.

Setup and Welding Performance

This miller diversion is very easy to use and easy to set it up as well. It only takes a few minutes, and you can start working with it within 20 secs. This welding can provide you with its best performance while maintaining the speed at 180 amperages. This will provide you with more robust welding while maintaining perfection and neatness.

Miller Diversion 180

The maximum power of output is 10% at 180 amps, but it increases up to 20% when the amps decrease a bit. This maximum output at the highest amperage is obtained at 115V. This welder also provides the best of its kind and very easy-to-use control panel.

In this control panel, you have to add the type of metal on which you are working and its thickness. Once you have added this, all of your work is done here. Now the machine will take the initiative and weld the metal according to the preferred settings that have been auto-calibrated in the machine.

Best Features of Miller Diversion 180

Well, I know this is the part you were waiting for, right? This welding machine is an AC DC TIG that offers both kinds of astonishing welding capacities. This small welding machine comes with an AC balance machine which is helpful in the automatic setting of the amperage as per requirement.

Miller Diversion 180
Infographic: Miller Diversion 180

It has a unique feature known as a multi-voltage plug system which offers you to change the plug from one voltage to another while working. It has a digital amperage readout that makes it easy to know about the amperage and its functioning. This feature of this fantastic product comes in handy.

Another most advanced and innovative feature of this machine is its high-frequency arc start, and this is the feature due to which this TIG is renowned. It will give you extra smooth and comfortable welding, which will be the best welding you will ever perform, and you will also love to do it again.


Working with miller diversion is very easy. It is based upon three steps: turning the machine on, selecting the material, and selecting the thickness of the welding that you desire to do. Once you have selected all of the functions, you will be able to do welding easily.


If you are worried about buying a welder that will not be easily portable, then here is the perfect solution for that, you can now transfer this great miller diversion 180 to the place where you like it to be. You can place it in your garage and can do whatever you want to weld. It doesn’t use much space and is very easy to store as well after usage. It has a beautiful compact structure that comes with full functioning as well. Due to its lightweight, portability, and ease of use, this is the best product that beginners can use.


Miller diversion 180 comes with a 12-foot ground clamp and a 12.5-foot weld craft TIG torch. This whole material comes within a box that is easy to use and manage as well. You can use this welder easily with foot pedal control and torch control. Apart from all of these accessories, there are additional DVDs and books which will help you more while welding.

Welding Metals

This welding machine is perfect for welding most metals, including aluminum, brass, chrome, stainless steel, steel, and many more. It will provide you with an extremely fine and best kind of welding that you will undoubtedly be pleased with.

Warranty and Repairs

Miller presents some of the best welding products for you at the same rate. It also presents some of the best warranty offers on its products. For Miller diversion 180, the company provides a warranty for five years on its original and principal components. It provides three years warranty on its specific parts such as inverter power sources, processor controller, plasma arc cutting power, etc. A 1-year warranty is on other remaining products.


As far as the quality is concerned, this welder will provide you with an ideal quality product. Although it is a little expensive for TIG, trust me, it’s all worth it. It would preferably be sending money on an item that will be a bit costly but will be used for an extended period than a cheap product that will be of no good use.

  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Inverter based unit
  • Eco-friendly welder
  • Expensive

When it comes to an incredible welder, the first thing that is most important for it is good amperage. Easy to use and manage to provide the best quality of welding. This miller diversion is a complete package for beginners who are interested in learning TIG as well. This machine is perfect for welding even in odd positions, and it will provide you with a completely professional look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Miller Diversion 180 have a pulse?

Although miller diversion is an incredible product yet, it does not have a pulse and trusts me, and you won’t need it either because it will provide you best kind of functioning even without that. It can provide you with AC and DC welding. It is perfect for aluminum which you can use up to 3/16″ capacity for welding and will obtain the best results.

Is TIG welding DC positive or negative?

The TIG welding is DC harmful and known as DC electrode negative DCEN, or straight polarity, and was popular in older welders. This welding is carried out with the torch negative and the work positive, as the negative torch helps prevent tungsten from getting overheated. Through this way, most of the heat went towards the arc while giving you the perfect welding.

Do you weld aluminum on AC or DC?

TIG welding machines offer both AC and DC, but DC is used for welding stainless steel or mild steel, whereas AC is used to weld aluminum. TIG has three options of welding, which are dependent upon the type of connection you are having. Every single method has its advantages and disadvantages.

How do you use miller diversion 180 at home?

It is very easy and convenient to use miller diversion for welding purposes even at home. It comprises three main steps. You have to turn on the machine and select the material you are using and the thickness of the metal sheet. It will automatically start working as all of the settings are inbuilt in it.


If you are tired of old kinds of welding and are looking for a new best TIG product, I am delighted that you came across this article and went through it. I hope this article has cleared your mind regarding various queries about miller diversion 180. If you want to have a more enjoyable time while welding, I think you should certainly give this incredible TIG welder a try, and it won’t disappoint you from its first use.

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